Canadian man taught in his eyes in Jiaxing, the Mid Autumn Festival is like this-dnf商人吧

Canadian man alone in Jiaxing to teach his eyes of the Mid Autumn Festival is such a festive season. Foreign friends in Tongxiang have such feelings? September 15th, the night of the Mid Autumn Festival, Xiao Bian and Mao Dun, Jiaxing City, Tongxiang high school teacher DARREN pull pull, listen to Tongxiang and the Mid Autumn Festival means to him. His eyes in Tongxiang 3 years ago, was originally engaged in education in Canada DARREN, came to Tongxiang alone to teach, before he did not know the city of Tongxiang, in Tongxiang, there is no friend. DARREN said: "Tongxiang is a very beautiful place, Tongxiang people are very warm and friendly, let me feel warm". DARREN is more emotional, the children here have a special idea, love, so that he completely fell in love with the work of foreign teachers. "Shen Da, the students gave me, I like the name." In a friendly atmosphere, so DARREN decided to stay in Tongxiang. The Mid Autumn Festival in his eyes, these two days have received a lot of blessing." Speaking of this mid autumn festival, DARREN face reveals a happy smile. In fact, no Mid Autumn Festival custom in DARREN’s hometown of Canada, the Romans, he also used and fell in love with this special holiday. "On this day of the year, when I gaze at the moon, I think of my family in canada." DARREN said that the Mid Autumn Festival seemed to him like a Thanksgiving Day in Canada, and it was very special to have a family reunion. In Canada, DARREN has six children, the oldest son of 22 years old, the youngest daughter of the age of 10. He said that the Mid Autumn Festival, he will FaceTime and they (video calls), let them take a look at this round of special "full moon". He said that the Tongxiang international range of three years time, DARREN has witnessed the rapid development of Tongxiang. He said it was a new leap. "Tongxiang Wuzhen became the permanent site Internet Conference, brought the whole city internationalization development."相关的主题文章: