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The United States worried that Chinese stock market manipulation lawmakers demanded strict trial in the acquisition of Chicago exchange – Sohu News according to Bloomberg news, Chinese companies on the American Stock Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the Chicago exchange) takeover is congressional opposition. Dozens of members of the U.S. Congress said that the U.S. national security agency officials should strictly review the plan to sell the sesame exchange to a Chinese company, "if once you think (acquirers) is to maintain close ties with the Chinese government.",…… We will urge the US Foreign Investment Committee to reject the merger." Local time on February 5th, Zhi Jie, the official website of the press release announcement, has agreed to accept the acquisition of the consortium of investors headed by China Chongqing Caixin Enterprise Group Co., ltd.. The Chicago stock exchange, with a history of 134 years, accounts for only about 0.5% of the U.S. stock market, but the American media still believes that, once the deal is reached, it represents China’s largest global stock market in the United states. The news announcement said the board of directors of the board of directors approved the transaction, but the transaction still needs to be approved by the relevant regulatory authorities. The transaction is expected to be completed in the second half of this year, and the specific terms of the transaction have not yet been announced. Bloomberg said that 46 members in the letter to the Investment Committee of the United States said that the buyer Chongqing finance enterprise group has the majority of Chinese enterprises have always been opaque, and involved in the industry may need to maintain close ties with the government. The 46 members included 45 Republicans and 1 democrats. The letter said, "the acquisition or to become a Chinese funded enterprises (possibly affected by the government) for the first time continue to directly enter the" 21 trillion U. S. stock market opportunities. A Treasury spokesman said the government did not comment on whether the acquisition had been reviewed by the US foreign investment commission. In view of the business and the securities industry lack of obvious relevance, Caixin group since earlier this month announced the acquisition of the Chicago stock exchange has agreed to trigger a series of questions. Chongqing financial group started with real estate development, and later expanded to environmental protection and financial sector, but had never experienced investment in the stock exchange. Bloomberg said that the exchange is small, but it can affect the entire U.S. stock market. The U.S. regulator requires that any transaction sent to any exchange at any given moment needs to be given the best offer, which means that the transactions on the Chicago stock exchange can actually affect the share prices of all listed companies.

担心中资操纵股市 美议员要求严审中企收购芝交所-搜狐新闻  据彭博社报道,中资公司对美国芝加哥证券交易所(以下简称芝交所)的收购案正遭到美国国会的反对。  报道称,数十位美国国会议员表示,美国国家安全部门的官员应该严格审查把芝交所出售给一家中国公司的计划,“如果一旦你们认为(收购方)是和中国政府保持紧密关系,……我们将敦促美国外资投资委员会拒绝本次并购。”  当地时间2月5日,芝交所在其官方网站发布新闻公告称,已同意接受以中国重庆财信企业集团有限公司为首的投资者财团的收购。  拥有134年历史的芝加哥证交所占美国股票市场占有率只有0.5%左右,但美国媒体依然认为,一旦交易达成,代表中国公司全球最大的美国股市立足。  新闻公告说,芝交所董事会一致批准这一交易,但交易仍需获得相关监管部门批准。该交易预计将于今年下半年完成,具体交易条款目前尚未公布。  彭博称,46位议员在致美国投资委员会的信中称,购买方重庆财信企业集团具有多数中国企业一向存在的不透明性,并涉足可能需要与政府维持密切关系的产业。这46名议员包括45位共和党和1位民主党议员。  信中称,“这桩收购案或成为一家中资企业(可能受政府影响)首次持续直接进入”规模21万亿美元美国股市的契机。  美国财政部发言人表示政府未就该收购是否已经由美国外资投资委员会审查置评。  鉴于其业务与证券业缺乏明显关联,财信集团自从本月初宣布同意收购芝加哥证交所以来引发了一系列疑问。  重庆财信集团以房地产开发起家,后期业务拓展到环保和金融领域,但此前从未有投资交易所的经历。  彭博称,这个交易所尽管很小,但可以影响整个美国股市。美国监管部门要求在任何特定时刻,发送给任何交易所的交易需给出最佳报价,这意味着芝加哥证交所的交易事实上可以影响所有上市公司的股价。相关的主题文章: