Who said the warriors no weakness! 21+13+3 he is digging a hole for the defending champion-追踪309

Who says warriors have no weaknesses?! 21+13+3 he gave the defending champion digging a hole big white edge is awesome sina sports news Beijing time on February 25th, the Miami heat in the home court 112-118 against Jinzhou warriors, Miami center Hassan – Whiteside played 32 minutes off the bench, 11 voted 8 to get 21 points and 13 rebounds and 2 blocks, the last moment hit the CIC, forcing Stephen – Curitiba guards. The victory and failure of this game suspense is not large, but the heat will be able to force warriors to this point, has been beyond people’s expectations, which, Whiteside’s credit is great. Whiteside in the heat of the encounter is very good, the heat is really regarded him as the core of the future in the training. Although Whiteside was replaced, he didn’t look down on him, but instead made the most of his function – Whiteside last season (well, even if he only played 48 games), he only gave 6 assists. Please see clearly, 6 times! What is this concept?! Nick king, the single player, played 42 games last season and sent 41 assists! If Nick Young doesn’t pass the ball, Whiteside is a black hole. So, put Whiteside in the lineup, although he was fierce, but it really troubled the operation of the team. It’s much easier to put him on the bench. The game against the warriors, Whiteside is played inside the giant strength, completely off the hook inside the warriors. The first section of the game, he will be 5 throw in 5 scored 11 points and 5 rebounds, boggarts and Green defenseless. In section second, although Whiteside had only 1 shots, but he won 4 free throws, and all hit, which is quite rare, with 4 free throws, half data into 15 minutes he scored 15 points and 7 rebounds; and Green and boggarts two total only 4 points and 14 rebounds. In fact, the warrior’s inner line is not strong, the last season finals in the face of Mozgov was beaten into a beehive, and encountered white edge such excellent athletic ability, tall, mobile agility and arms reach 7 feet 7 inches monster, the more helpless. The most amazing thing is that the white side of CIC did have a hand. The last 1 minutes and 42 seconds of the game, it is white edge Wade pass, complete distance shot jump scored 2 points, to help the heat to get 106-104 anti super. This is the final Curitiba guards play — of course don’t forget, before the Lakers shot Curitiba, de Green Redmond third of the same position but was a white hand fan fly. 32 minutes 11 cast 21 points and 13 rebounds in 8 to 2 cover, inside this result completely. The warriors, no matter how you look at are not substitutes. Whiteside has an unusual talent and a fantastic environment, and in time he will be the top Super Center in the league. (goo DA)

谁说勇士无弱点! 21+13+3他给卫冕冠军凿个洞 大白边很给力   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月25日,迈阿密热火在主场以112-118不敌金州勇士,热火中锋哈桑-怀特塞德替补出战32分钟,11投8中得到21分13篮板2封盖,最后时刻命中中投,逼迫斯蒂芬-库里逆天。   本场比赛的胜负悬念并不大,但热火能将勇士逼到这个地步,已经出乎人们的预料,这里面,怀特塞德的功劳可谓极大。   怀特塞德在热火的际遇是非常好的,热火确实是将他视为未来的核心在培养。虽然现在让怀特塞德打替补,但这也不是看不起他,反而是对他的功能进行了最大化——怀特塞德上赛季全季(好吧,就算他只打了48场比赛)只送出了6次助攻。请看清楚,6次!这是什么概念!“单打王”尼克-杨上赛季出战42场,送出了41次助攻!如果尼克-杨算是不传球,那么怀特塞德简直就是球场黑洞。   因此,把怀特塞德放在先发阵容里,他虽然厉害,但确实对球队的运转产生了困扰。而放在替补阵容里让他随便玩就简单多了。   本场比赛对阵勇士,怀特塞德更是发挥了内线巨无霸的实力,完全打爆了勇士内线。首节比赛,他就5投5中轰下11分5篮板,博格特和格林毫无招架之力。第二节,虽然怀特塞德只出手了1次,但他获得了4次罚球机会,而且全部命中,这是相当罕见的,凭借这4次罚球,他半场数据变成了15分钟拿下15分7篮板;而格林和博格特两人合计只有4分14篮板。   事实上勇士的内线并不强,上赛季总决赛面对莫兹戈夫就被打成了蜂窝,而遇到白边这样运动能力出色,身材高大,移动敏捷而且手臂达到7尺7寸的怪兽,就更没办法了。   最神奇的是,白边的中投确实有一手。本场比赛最后1分42秒,正是白边接韦德传球完成中距离跳投拿下了2分,帮助热火以106-104取得反超。这才有了最后库里的逆天发挥——当然别忘了,在库里湖人射日之前,德雷蒙德-格林的同位置三分可是被白边一掌扇飞了。   32分钟11投8中拿到21分13篮板2封盖,完全打爆勇士内线,这份成绩不管怎么看都不是替补。怀特塞德天赋异禀,球队环境也非常出色,假以时日,他必将成为联盟排名顶尖的超级中锋。   (咕哒)相关的主题文章: