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Movies-TV Aisha is a romantic comedy based on Jane Austens Emma. Aisha is a posh girl from Delhi who is classy,bubbly and very much modern. She also loves match-making and calls it social service. This movie is perfect for the energetic young generation as the flick has superb aesthetic looks and extraordinarily stylish characters. Sonam Kapoor in a tailor-made role (where more moolah seems to have been spent on tailoring her chic outfits than on exploring the locations, sound sights scents and, yes, sense of this embarrassing world of excessive self-preening) gets the Jane Austen character right. Quite a leap for the actress. When she had played the confused lover-girl in Saawariya, Sonam had imposed her own natural-born confusions on the character rendering it shaky and disembodied. Sonam Kapoor is portrayed as fashion icon with heaps of chic and exclusive clothes and hair add-ons. Amazingly, she has put off her conventionally looking faade and has pierced the silver screen as a new-age style diva with Aisha. Sonam Kapoor is living the title character of Aisha; she is enjoying her thorns free life quite smoothly. She loves to find love for her nears and dears. Her best friend Pinky played by Ira Dubey attempts to prevent her from intruding anybodys life. But Aisha after giving her aunts hand in widower colonels hand, she is really boastful about her passion of match making. Aishas next target is Shefali played by Amrita Puri who is small town girl and lands in Delhi to find her groom. Aisha turns Shefali into high profile girl and tries to fix her matrimonial alliance with his friend Randhir played by Cyrus Sahukar who is infatuated by Aisha instead. Arjun played by Abhay Deol is not in favor of her fanciful occupation of match making but she keeps on blowing her own horn of being a successful match maker. She is so occupied in reading others heart felt that she fails to listen to her own heart that is in love with Arjun. She realized it only when she feels that she has been befooled. But the style quotient works only because the girls are such strong flesh and blood characters and carry it off so beautifully. Sonam Kapoor’s super snob and spoilt brattish Aisha is actually quite adorable, even as Ira Dubey’s best friend act as Pinky Bose stands out with its supercilious splendour. The duo are absolutely riveting as they breathe life into the archetypal ‘super bi**ches’ who, if you scratch the glossy surface, are gooey and good-hearted go-getters too. They too have the same fears and the same dreams as the simpleton, Shefali who falls into their trap and becomes their latest victim and pastime. In a seminal scene, the three girls put their heads together, wonder and giggle whether they will have to die single. Sweet! Add to this the fourth diva, New-York returned, white-collared, corporate yuppie, Aarti ( Lisa Haydon) and you have a female foursome that literally carries the film on its fair and fragile shoulders. Aisha (Sonam Kapoor) comes across a plain-Jane, behenji type girl Shefali (Amrita Puri) and this gal becomes Aishas next social service mission. She feels that it is her responsibility to find a suitor for her and so she gives Shefali a total makeover and Shefali gets a chain of suitors after that. Then, we have the handsome and sweet Arjun Burman (Abhay Doel) who is Aishas childhood buddy who tries to make Aisha realize that love cannot be forced by match making. Aisha also has a showy best friend Pinky Bose (Ira Dubey) and Randhir Gambhir (Cyrus Sahukar) plays the character of a Delhi boy. This flick is for the youth of today who are stylish and open minded. The movie is so much lively and bright with fashion and style brimming everywhere. Costume designer Kunal Rawal and stylist Pernia Qureshi did an awesome job bringing life to the characters with style that can make all style freaks awestruck. The hot chicks and the well dressed hunks are eye candies which can take us to a stylish wonder land which doesnt actually exist in Delhi. Aisha puts in focus Aishas obsession of fixing love matches. Amrita Puri has done commendable job. She has been a real delight of the movie. Ira Dubey has been good throughout the movie with excellent expressions. Though Abhay Deols competence has not been put to its maximum utilization yet his presence on screen brings spirits in the viewers back. Cyrus Sahukar has done justice to his role. So far as acting is concerned every actor has done brilliant job. Aisha music is already hitting the chartbusters. It offers the soundtracks of diverse moods and flavor. Javed Akhtar has penned down wonderful words and Amit Trivedi comes back with another signature product. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: