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Arts-and-Entertainment If you’ve never used a picture frame mat, you’ll be amazed at what a difference a simple mat can make to the look of your photo. This article will teach you the basics about mats and the 3 reasons why mats are so popular. Picture frame mats add a new dimension to your frame and help add to the appeal of your photo. A mat will give you a new way to express your creativity and make your picture look even better. Mats are also great at overcoming problems with framing. They provide flexibility in your choice of frame and the frame size. If your picture or piece of art doesn’t fit a standard picture frame size, you are left with two options: 1) cropping your picture or artwork which which may ruin how it looks 2) have a custom frame made and pay a higher price. Mats are an easy option for fitting any picture into a standard frame size and can also be used with multiple photos and collage picture frames. Mats are available in pre-cut sizes for standard frame sizes or can be custom made to fit any picture frame. Precut mat sizes are generally determined by the size of their picture opening not the overall size of the mat. For example, a standard 5×7 mat has a 5×7 opening for your picture and fits into an 8×10 picture frame. Be sure to check both the outside dimensions of the mat as well as the inside dimensions to get the correct mat for your picture and frame. Mats have many different benefits.They allow you to choose a color that will better accentuate your photo and make your piece of art really stand out. Mats also help to protect your picture or artwork from moisture or humidity. A mat will create a thin air space between your artwork and the glass preventing it from sticking to the glass and getting ruined. And if you really want to protect your favorite photos you can use archival mats. An archival mat is a mat that is lignin and acid free to prevent photo degradation. An important thing to remember when using multiple mats in a picture frame – never use non-glare glass. Non-glare glass diffuses the image so using more than one mat will cause the photograph to look fuzzy. Mats do add a little extra cost to your framing, but preserving your picture or artwork and giving your framing a finished look is well worth the few extra dollars it may cost for a mat. As you’ve learned in this article, adding a mat is certainly one of the easiest ways to overcome framing problems, protect your picture from damage and give your framed piece a beautiful and professional look. So, if you haven’t already, go see for yourself what a great difference a mat can make! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: