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UnCategorized Web Design involves conceptualizing, planning, creating models, and executes a electronic media to the Internet in a coded language that can be read by Web browsers to display a gui. A Web Site is a group of electronic files residing on a hosted server which presents content for a person to interact with and obtain information from images such as gifs,jpegs,and pngs, which can be placed on a site using Html,Xml,and Xtml tags.Other programs that website designers can work with include Flash, Java Script, and Quicktime. These are Plug-ins that can be integrated into a web page using a type of coding structure like Html. W3C standards has created an acceptance and usage of Xhtml/Xml with shared use of Cascading Style Sheets (Css) to manipulate and position web page elements and objects. Normally web pages are classified as dynamic or static. Static Pages dont change their content unless a web master or programmer makes the manual change and update to the page. Dynamic pages display content and show appearance using a database or other modifications. Content can be changed on the users side by utilizing stored data on the server. If a customer is looking for shoes,for example, the information that they type will be loaded onto the site. Some scripts that are .monly used for this are Perl, Php, Asp, Jsp, and Coldfusion. Web Design and Development are considered two separate areas of specializations. The inventor of the World Wide Web is Tim Berners-Lee. He published a website in August of 1991 and was the first to .bine Internet .munication with hypertext which had been around for decades but limited information stored on a single .puter. Websites are written in a markup language called Html and early versions of Html were very basic. This gave websites basic structure and the ability to link using hypertext. Html made page to page search navigation very easy. Web Design and the Web itself have made much progress. The language used to display sites has be.e more .plex and flexible, and new abilities are constantly being developed and added. When Cascading Style Sheets came into creation it helped table based layouts that were outdated such as server-side scripting and design other design standards. The introduction of Flash further changed the Web, and gave designers the ability to be.e creators and offer new interaction features to their users. Website design is a grouped collection of information about a certain subject or topic. Designing a website is the creation of pages that in turn create a website. A Web page consists of information for which the Web Site is developed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: