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Leadership Over the years, many people have talked and written about what makes a great leader. They have derived examples from some of the greatest public and private figures in both the past and the present. Fine examples of good leadership have been seen in political figures, philosophical thinkers, and entrepreneurs, among others. We can certainly learn a thing or two from these individuals. To help you improve your own leadership skills, here are 10 good examples of what makes a great leader. 1) Determination A great leader has an almost inexhaustible stock of determination. He is the first one to initiate an idea and the last one to give up. It is because of a leaders determination that projects are .pleted. 2) Flexibility What makes a leader great? It is his ability to adapt to any situation. He sees the situation from many different angles and can adjust himself accordingly. 3) Resourcefulness Sometimes, not everything is handed to you on a silver platter. In these cases, youre going to have to think of other ways to get what you want, or to achieve what you want to achieve. Coupled with flexibility, resourcefulness is definitely a powerful leadership tool. 4) Creativity Another vital factor on what makes a great leader is his creativity. Creativity is not just about art and aesthetics. It is also about being able to solve a problem with the least amount of time, money and effort. 5) Self-confidence Without self-confidence, how can a leader expect to get his people to follow him? But keep in mind that self-confidence is different from arrogance. Dont make the mistake of confusing one for the other, or youll soon find yourself being the target of everybodys ire. 6) Positive Attitude A great leader has a positive countenance but is not overtly idealistic. Instead, he tries to make the best out of everything. 7) Responsibility Responsibility is a double-edged sword. A great leader understands that whatever happens in his team (whether good or bad) is his responsibility. He does not hog all the glory and does not play the blame game with his subordinates either. 8) Good .munication Skills Never underestimate the power of good .munication skills. As a leader, you will be tasked to oversee everything that .es and goes. What makes a leader great is his ability to .municate effectively with his team. A good leader understands that people dont perceive messages in the exact same way. 9) Consistency How credible, do you think, is a person who only does well during certain months? A great leader is a fine example of consistency. He takes actions and delivers, project after project. 10) Forecasting A good leader knows whats up ahead. He has the ability to estimate the projected value of a certain object in the future. So what makes a great leader? It is a mix of these qualities. 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