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80 touch network to help the villagers Shanxi Shanyin guy will be sold to South Korea for millet Zhang Haiyuan (right) and millet farmers in the conversation. Correspondent photo Shanxi daily news (reporter Yuan Zhaohui correspondent Lv Jianquan) September 18th, reporters came to the Shanyin County Xin Fei agricultural development limited company, see the busy Zhang Haiyuan general manager. At that time he was conducting employees to the warehouse handling just finished small grains. "Recently, small grains sales situation is good, I also bought a number of small grains from Shanyin villagers hands, sent to Qingxu County processing plant. This is not, just shipped back." Zhang Haiyuan told reporters. The 35 year old Zhang Haiyuan, who is a native of Shanyin County, has been working hard in the sea for 10 years. "I grew up in the countryside, the countryside has deep feelings, in recent years, many large agricultural county have local characteristics of agricultural products unmarketable problem, information asymmetry is one of the reasons is that the demand side and the supplier. Shanyin county is located 39 degrees north latitude, is recognized as one of the small grains planting area of gold, so I wanted to find a business platform, and strive to sell Shanyin quality small grains, but also make a contribution to my hometown." Turning to his original intention to do rural electricity supplier, Zhang Haiyuan said. At the beginning of 2015, Zhang Haiyuan incorporated the Shanxi Xin Fei Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., built "Bacera agricultural Jane" website, dedicated to selling local characteristics of agricultural products. In order to be featured in Shanyin County small grains sold, he repeatedly went to Yiwu, Shanghai electricity supplier Expo organic food exhibition exhibition, the booth sales introduction, made from customers at home and abroad to understand the Shanyin small grains, also received a lot of orders. In 2015, Shanyin County in the county implemented a million acres of dryland millet planting demonstration project, comprehensively promote the water permeability plastic film of dryland millet, the project involves 7 county towns, a total area of 12 thousand acres. Among them, "Jingu 21 millet varieties, because of its high yield, good taste, popular with farmers welcome shanyin. The year after harvest, Zhang Haiyuan wholly acquired the local farmers to plant more than 1 thousand and 200 tons of "Jingu 21 millet, really help local farmers solve the problem of sale of millet, but also in the foreign trade agency’s help, after processing the Shanyin millet also successfully exported to South korea. This year, millet growing Shanyin County in China, because of the good reputation of last year, Zhang Haiyuan millet acquisition orders for more than 10 thousand acres, which is expected to more than 10 thousand acres of Millet Yield will be 4800 tons. Currently, Zhang Haiyuan has more than 1 thousand tons of millet sales orders. He told reporters, now a pressing matter of the moment is the construction of a high standard of the granary, under his plan, one can store 10 thousand tons of grain modern warehousing base will be the focus of next year, which will solve the grain storage problems fundamentally. It is reported that the next step, the company will increase efforts to promote agricultural products online and offline. At present, in Yinchuan, coarse grains in Cangzhou sales of the store has been opened, the provincial capital of Taiyuan branch is about to open its doors.相关的主题文章: