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9 year old girl plucked hair of junior high school girl who longs for the adult world "small Ya eyelashes eyebrows are bare, bald hair pieces, to the hospital to know all her own pull……" Yesterday, the reporter learned from a number of hospitals in the city, since the beginning of the school more than half a month, many children psychological but "can not open"". Yesterday morning, only Wuhan psychological hospital admitted 5 emotional disorders "unable to start school" children. 9 year old girl 6 excellent training classes hair pulling one day before the Mid Autumn Festival, a mother with a little girl into the director of child health MCH Hospital of Hubei province Xu Haiqing consulting room. "Can you do a trace element inspection, my girl must be zinc deficiency."." Mother told Xu Haiqing, daughter Maria Tung 9 years old, in a key primary school in grade three. A few days ago, she suddenly found her daughter’s eyebrows and eyelashes are gone, head bald two pieces of fingernail size of "open space", the doctor has ruled out the skin disease. Xu Haiqing found that Maria Tung kept his head down and he was silent. Let the mother go out after her patient asked, Maria Tung opened the chatterbox: mother asked her before each exam must be three, to the rest of the time the Pew accounted for, finally looked forward to the summer vacation has not been able to breathe. English, math, writing, painting, piano, dance, breath to the newspaper 6 excellent training classes, every day from morning to night. An accidental tear off eyelashes, the sudden pain makes her feel very excited, and then on the addiction, eyelashes, eyebrows all pull light, and a cluster of hair pulled out. Learned that the daughter’s hair is not lost, but their own pull, "culprit" is Pei, mother is distressed and self blame. Xu Haiqing diagnosed Maria Tung suffering from anxiety disorder, and the abnormal behavior of hair plucking is that children can not vent their anxiety and vent themselves through extreme ways of self punishment. Two girls dream of "adult world" yesterday, the mother groaning Phillips was "forced" to the Wuhan city mental hospital. Adolescent ward director Ma Jun learned that 14 year old Michael in Wuchang a key middle school read the first two days, scores in the top ten in the class. Before the summer vacation, Phillips has always behaved suddenly like a changed man, all day long mouth talking about are love, seduce and abortion topic, dreaming of "husband", are clamouring for herself to write a novel network of love. Ma Jun found in conversation, as long as it comes to learning, is particularly sensitive to Phillips, a powerful and unconstrained style tear. When his mother went out to answer the phone, Phillips complained that the school should hold tight, every month, according to the results of rows of seats; home after her mother will learn this and that, a good test is blamed, now can’t sleep all night. Phillips told Ma Jun, she is eager to grow up earlier into the adult world, no longer for the exam and ranking of distress. Ma Yun Fei diagnosis is suffering from mood disorders in adolescence, must be immediately hospitalized. Appropriate to reduce their expectations "since opening, in the outpatient service such as Maria Tung and Phillips has not entered the state of learning many children. The more successful children are, the more obvious the symptoms are." Ma Jun told reporters that the "school refusal" behavior, such as early intervention, it is easy to cause serious.

9岁女孩拔光毛发 初中女孩渴望成人世界   “小伢的睫毛眉毛都掉光了,头发也秃了好几块,到医院才知道全是她自己拔的……”昨天,记者从市内多家医院获悉,开学大半个月以来,不少孩子心理上却“开不了学“。昨天上午,仅武汉市心理医院就收治入院了5个有情绪障碍“无法开学”的孩子。   9岁女孩上6个培优班拔毛发   中秋节前一天,一位妈妈带着个小姑娘冲进湖北省妇幼保健院儿保科主任徐海青的诊室。“能不能做个微量元素检查,我姑娘肯定是缺锌了。”妈妈告诉徐海青,女儿童童9岁,在一所重点小学上三年级。前几天,她突然发现女儿的眉毛和睫毛都没了,头上也秃了两块指甲盖大小的“空地”,医生已经排除了皮肤病。   徐海青发现,童童一直低着头很沉默。让妈妈出去后,在她的耐心询问下,童童打开了话匣:妈妈要求她每次考试必须前三,上学时休息时间都被培优占了,好不容易盼来的暑假也没能喘口气。英语、奥数、作文、画画、钢琴、跳舞,一口气给报了6个培优班,每天从早到晚连轴转。一次偶然扯掉睫毛后,突如其来 的疼痛让她感到异常兴奋,以后就上了瘾,睫毛眉毛全部都揪光后,又一簇一簇的拔头发。   得知女儿的毛发不是掉了而是自己拔的,“罪魁祸首”是培优时,妈妈又心疼又自责。   徐海青诊断童童患上了焦虑症,拔毛的异常行为正是孩子无法发泄焦虑,通过自我惩罚的极端方式来发泄。   初二女孩幻想“成人世界”   昨天,满嘴胡话的小菲被妈妈“强行”送到了武汉市心理医院。儿少病区主任马筠得知,14岁的小菲在武昌一重点中学念初二,成绩在班上排名前十。 放暑假前,一向乖巧的小菲突然像变了一个人:成天嘴里念叨的都是情爱、勾引和堕胎之类的话题,幻想自己有“老公”,还叫嚷着要以自己为原型写一部情爱网络 小说。   交谈中马筠发现,只要谈到学习,小菲就特别敏感,开始天马行空的乱扯。趁着妈妈出去接电话,小菲抱怨说,学校本来就抓得紧,每个月都根据成绩排座位;回家后妈妈还要她学这学那,一考不好就是各种指责,现在整夜整夜睡不着。   小菲告诉马筠,她渴望能早点长大进入成人世界,不再为考试和排名苦恼。马筠诊断小菲患上了严重的青春期情绪障碍,必须马上住院治疗。   适当调低自己的期望值   “开学以来,门诊中像童童和小菲这样迟迟进入不了学习状态的孩子不少。越是成绩好的孩子,症状越明显。”马筠告诉记者,这种“拒绝上学”的行为,如不尽早干预,很容易引起严重的精神疾患。   徐海青担忧地说,绝大多数父母都只关注孩子身高体重这些外在变化,很少关心孩子大脑、行为和心理的发育。她指出,家长不妨适当的调低自己的期望 值。徐海青说,学习并不是孩子生活的全部,千万别三句话不离学习。不妨给些时间让孩子做自己感兴趣的事情,帮助增加他其他方面的能力,转移注意力,学习压力自然就会得到缓解。平时多带孩子去户外玩,进入青春期的孩子,多关心身体的变化,给孩子提供纾解消极情绪的途径。相关的主题文章: