A 26 year old guy drank 5 bottles of wine sulci disappeared deep coma

A 26 year old guy drank 5 bottles of wine sulci disappeared deep coma

just 10 days of emergency reception

more than 60 alcoholism patients

in order to further understand the alcohol poisoning emergency admissions, reporters on the day before the first came to the county hospital emergency room. Ten evening, a door, the reporter saw a drunken middle-aged man helped his family into the emergency room and outside the consulting room shouting unwilling to cooperate with treatment. Not long, and there is a young man in a female companion helped the admission, there was dark red stains, his white shirt and jeans on the pale, trance.

"like alcohol poisoning patients, we will encounter emergency almost every day, every weekend or holidays, alcoholism is more." County first hospital emergency room nurse Mao also told reporters, according to statistics, in 2016 a total of more than 1340 people due to alcoholism to the first hospital for medical treatment, the majority of male patients. The last ten days, alcoholism, medical personnel have more than 60 people, is now a day on average to emergency admissions about 6 patients with alcoholism.

Mao Yifei also told reporters, in addition to pure alcohol poisoning, they also encountered a lot of drunken fight falls, injury, accident injury patients, and even become unconscious for drunk lying on the roadside by police hospital patients.

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although the wine is less than a thousand friends, but excessive drinking to the body’s damage can not be ignored.


Wang Ping said that alcohol is mainly dependent on the liver metabolism, so the body after drinking alcohol damage is the first part of the liver. Long term alcohol abuse can cause alcoholic liver, liver cirrhosis, gastritis, pneumonia and other diseases. At the same time, there will be a strong anesthetic effect of alcohol on the brain, in a short time a large number of drinking is easy to make nerve cells suddenly excited, then turn to anesthesia, causing arrhythmia or become unconscious, words and deeds, severe life-threatening.

, the reporter also learned that acute alcohol poisoning symptoms and the severity of alcohol consumption, in general, individual sensitivity, alcohol metabolism of normal adults every day most of no more than 150g, the average person alcohol content was 5~8g, human liver metabolism of alcohol a day is about 1 gram per kilogram of body weight.

Mao Yifei, the matron said, in the face of acute alcohol poisoning patients, such as mild drunk, can let the rest, it is best to side, to prevent aspiration pneumonia, and keep warm; as for severe alcohol poisoning, can be taken back pressure and quick way to vomit, if patients have decreased respiration and irregular or convulsions, incontinence and other conditions, should ensure the patients with respiratory tract.