A 29 year old female boss and 16 year old boyfriend love card was transferred out of 400 thousand fa tamiflu

A 29 year old female boss and 16 year old boyfriend love card was transferred out of 400 thousand falls "boom (Figure)!" In September 29th, with a bang Rui, 29 year old Zhang from Chongqing home town had a hotel 2 floors, once again when she wakes up in the hospital after the diagnosis report of her lumbar burst fractures combined with paraparesis, these days, Zhang Rui tears: and the 16 year old boyfriend love after half a year, make when the end of love, it’s so…… What is it that has gone beyond the age of love? Since Guo Ping was not able to get a marriage certificate, two people in the near future in the home of Guo Ping held a wedding ceremony. But after the wedding, Guo Pingshou went to the mobile phone when Zhang Rui, Zhang Rui back after the mobile phone, mobile phone, Alipay found himself on the bank on the net is a total turn away hundreds of thousands of dollars in deposits, the record is deleted." Zhang Rui took out a press a plurality of fingerprint ious show to reporters on September 22nd, Guo Ping personally wrote the following words: in May 2016 ~9 months, Zhang Rui unknowingly, I took her mobile phone theft Alipay, bank card from her account to my parents transfer 401900 yuan, the transfer details of record. A paper IOU let the relationship between the two face break. In September 26th, she received the interview notice Guo Ping, arrived at the Shapingba Zengjia warm way hotel room 216, Guo Ping, Guo Mu, Chen Fang, Guo mother friend Ms. Lu in, few people would repay dispute matters. Zhang Rui said that in September 29th, Guo Ping in the hotel room at the time, only he and Chen Fang and Ms. Lu, few people would repay matters of dispute, then, happened at the beginning of this scene, Zhang Rui from the window down, quickly sent to hospital. The "00" after marriage is really puzzling, and thousands of miles away, there is another pair of wonderful "after the couple of 00". Zhejiang Province People’s Hospital recently admitted a premature baby girl, parents are only 16 years old, from Gansu. Because of the work can not afford to bear the cost of hospitalization, father Mandy (a pseudonym) 10, with a baby girl was discharged, and with his girlfriend Xiaoqin (a pseudonym) agreed to return home, by the parents care for children. Soon, Mandy found Xiaoqin always retch, thought it was stomach problems, search the Internet to know could be pregnant. After that, Xiaoqin has been staying at home, during which no inspection. October 6th, Xiao Tong was taken to a local hospital because of stomach pain, gave birth to a 4 pound baby girl. Because there is no production records, but also can not tell the specific time of pregnancy, local hospitals are worried about premature complications, advised them to turn to the superior hospital. Subsequently, Mandy took her daughter came to Zhejiang Province People’s Hospital hospital, when the baby was stable from the hospital. The hospital said the 16 year old girl’s body is still in the development stage, immature reproductive organs, bones are not completely calcified, premature pregnancy on both sides of the mother and child are negative. Editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for extended reading men’s window falls down from the window sheets相关的主题文章: