A Brief History of Teas

Finding Tea Shops in Your Area

Japanese tea, the best tea you can have to keep you lively as you perform other tasks. Join the rest, grab a cup of Japanese tea, and learn why they drink this tea on a daily basis. It is only the Kettl, the top Japanese company that brings the real taste of Japanese tea to you. We keep our promise, the same taste today, tomorrow and forever.

It is simple to enjoy Japanese tea, just unbox any of our product, sencha, Gyokuro or matcha. No additives, no chemical, it is pure tea prepared for you. We have a unique way of processing all brands to guarantee what we sell meet both local and international standards. Each time you buy Kettl Gyokuro or kettle Houjicha rest assured you have the finest brand of tea in the world.

We are the only tea company that give you the real taste of Japanese tea. We bring to you what you love in plenty. The right time to buy us is now. Visit you nearest shop or supermarket and ask for Kettl tea. We are multi-international. If your shop does not have our products, feel free to place an order. We have the best shipping policy that guarantees safe delivery.

What is your taste? Kettl Gyukuro, Sencha, Karigane, matcha or Kettl Houjicha, all these teas sell at an affordable price. At Kettl tea company we believe Japanese tea is the best you can have in the world; hence, we blend a variety to quench the thirst of all those who drink our tea. The best thing about our tea, is the price. We manufacture tea for all. Whether a millionaire or not we have the best product for you. Grab one and taste the difference.

Our tea is pure natural. We collaborate with a team of trusted farmers who ensure what is harvested has met the threshold. Once the tea is harvest we instantly transport it for processing. We have professional who ensure everything is done on time and in the right manner. Perfection is our virtue, everything we do, we do it with high level of professionalism.

Nothing has and nothing will stop us in serving our clients with the best products in the market. To enable Kettl work for you at all time, buy our tea, buy Japan and we will never turn our back on you. As it has been before, we will continue to work with the best and most trusted experts, farmers, and companies to offer you unwavering services and products.

Welcome to Kettl tea company. Welcome to Japan life and let move together. You are always our best customer

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