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A CPPCC member of Hunan poverty alleviation proposals: how to force the poor? Hunan Channel – people.com.cn September 28th, the eleven session of the nineteenth meeting of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC meeting of the "province of precise poverty, poverty and improve the precision of the implementation of the policy" to the CPC Hunan provincial Party committee and provincial people’s government proposal (Draft) (the proposal). Recommendations from around the "precision precise helping poor knowledge" and "perfect out of Poverty Alleviation Policies, improve the industrial poverty alleviation policy" and "perfect education poverty alleviation policy" and "perfect easy relocation policy, improve the ecological compensation policy" six suggestions. At the meeting, the CPPCC Standing Committee agreed that the proposal was high, deep research, content and suggestions reflect, some puzzles and problems in our province, precise poverty poverty alleviation accurate recommendations, the case in line with the actual situation in our province. This year, the provincial CPPCC vigorously carry out the "power of poverty alleviation, a comprehensive well-off society" activities, the introduction of the implementation of views and plan of action for five years, started the "three" and "poverty alleviation activities, our province precise poverty, the implementation of the policy and improve the precision of poverty" as this year the focus of research, consultation, supervision project, led by the provincial CPPCC Chairman of the meeting of members, divided into 7 research groups, in-depth Shaoyang, Zhangjiajie and other 7 cities and some poor counties, in Guizhou, Gansu and other provinces and cities in 5 brothers investigation and study experience in poverty alleviation, after many discussions, repeatedly modified, forming a research report and recommendations. Focus on precision, to help identify the key to identify the precise object of poverty, is the premise and basis for precise poverty alleviation. Only to achieve accurate identification, in order to precise force, precise help. This is not only related to people’s livelihood, but also related to social equity. "We have to identify the families below the poverty line in a scientific and reasonable way, and find out the key factors that lead to their poverty." Hu Binbin Standing Committee believes that in the development of precision poverty alleviation, the county level as the unit, the identification of the poor to carry out dynamic management, to eliminate the one size fits all identification method. Based on the precise identification, counties should be based on different regions, the specific reasons for the poverty of the poor families, because, because, the person. How to do accurate identification, precise help? Proposal wrote: perfect mechanism, establish and perfect and data management platform, increase the non impoverished village of poor households, poverty alleviation efforts to narrow the linking point helping poor villages into the gap between the participatory poverty alleviation object dynamic. The social fabric "safety net" fallback if the precise poverty is to improve the living conditions of the impoverished population "engine", so social security is poor people "fallback safety net". "Social security fallback is the last barrier to precise poverty alleviation." Chen Ciying, member of the Standing Committee of the provincial government said, should be the introduction of the policy of rural residents in poverty alleviation and development of effective cohesion advice as soon as possible, and further standardize the contents of subsistence security system and poverty alleviation policy convergence work standards, procedures and methods etc.. Establish and improve policies in the field of medical assistance, temporary relief, charitable assistance, serious illness relief, etc., to help the poor. After extensive comments, the proposed case so wrote: to promote subsistence allowances and poverty alleviation相关的主题文章: