A great adventure the unpowered paragliding leap Four Girls Mountain



leap in the 6356 meters altitude experience

October 18, 2016

TNF supported by Chinese glider

for the first time in the form of unpowered paragliding

challenge Four Girls Mountain

the flight team took off at 3960 meters above sea level

over Four Girls Mountain peak, two peaks, three peaks

successfully flew 6356 meters in the unitary Meifeng top

think God would not be afraid of his

high altitude hypoxia?

difficult to identify in the fog?

super airflow rampage?

good many times after the flight test failed

The enthusiasm of the

flight crew really began to burn!

wants to find

in despair

bad weather before

has only one last chance!

suffered convective shock of the wing

instantaneous deformation

death! Be close by!

is not dead, the return is:

in the flash over the peak

embrace the ordinary people will never dare to think of dripping!

creates a unique soul stirring in history!

Trailer did not see the fun of


years will be officially launched over the unitary Meifeng documentary

"the greatest risk in life is never taking risks!"

new year if not a little break

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