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A Guangxi butcher Zaiyang found the baby out of two ball preliminary judgment is Morel Po Yang in November 7th, in Bobai County, the village butcher Wang Hai in slaughter a sheep, sheep belly out of two balls, preliminary judgment sphere is commonly known as the sheep treasure. "Get Wang Hai" baby "to kill the sheep when the noon of November 10th, South China Morning Post reporter went to Dayton Valley town kindelity village, Wang Hai baby picked up the news has spread in the small village many villagers said, raise a Babel of criticism of Wang Haicai, this time to" shit ". In a under the guidance of the villagers, reporters came to the king of the sea home, this time he is greeting from afar to see the baby face the guests. When people came about, Wang Hai opened her two floor cabinet, two ball with a piece of cloth wrapped together. "The day I wash it, hide in the pocket, there are people laugh at me why the sheep home." Wang Hai said, the morning of November 7th, he bought a yellow goat from fellow villagers, intended to kill sheep with the meat to sell. At that time, many villagers in the crowd, when he opened the two morel, things will roll out. The night before, he just saw the CCTV report on the sheep Bao, then it is estimated that this is a sheep treasure. The sheep that sold the sheep to Wang Hai called Wang fu. Wang Fu said that he had fifty or sixty goats, which had been raised for more than 4 years. It does not love eat recently, weight from more than and 70 pounds to about 50 pounds, so he went to the price of 1000 yuan sold to Wang Hai the sheep, the sheep have been sold out, Wang Hai picked up the baby is his luck, he got the sheep treasure, I do not envy." The reporter saw, the two ball is dark brown, smooth surface, soft texture, exudes some stale sheep. Reporters on the Internet access to the relevant information, to understand the sheep is a sheep in the feeding process, eating some of the things that are not easy to digest, slowly forming a foreign body. Sheep to eat different substances, the formation of the sheep treasure is not the same, there are differences in medicinal value. In order to understand the two ball in the end is not the sheep treasure, Wang Hai took pictures to a auction companies in Shanghai. The company has repeatedly auction sheep treasure, they find the industry after reading picture, think that two small balls are the sheep treasure. The source of | South China Morning Post reporter Zhou Weiwu相关的主题文章: