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A hospital in Fuqing to eat the wrong medicine children age three to ten times the amount of the spirit of low-spirited doctors to prescribe anti allergy drug a solution, the mismatch into drops type higher concentration, but is still in accordance with the prescribed dose packaging solution. Yesterday, Fuqing Ms. Lin worry, 3 year old son last week an overdose of pharmacy Fuqing maternity and child care hospital with cetirizine hydrochloride oral drops, will have a negative impact on renal function. Complaints: son ate ten times dosage Schilling, recently 3 year old son had a cough, 5 points more on the afternoon of September 12th, she took his son to Fuqing maternal and child health hospital to see a doctor, the doctor is bronchitis, opened three kinds of medicine, including one for Cetirizine Hydrochloride Oral Solution. Ms. Lin recalled that the pharmacy will be posted on the drug prescription drug packaging, indicating a 2.5ml. "We just press the measurement to drink, but only drink three times, medicine is running out, we feel strange, just look under the drug instructions, it is found that pharmacy to Cetirizine Dihydrochloride Oral Drops." Ms. Lin said, the manual says, "only drink 0.25ml". Originally had to drink 0.25ml, the result of drinking into 2.5ml, the dose of 10 times." Ms. Lin said, when that child has eaten 7.5ml, spirit has been low-spirited, had 7 day urine trousers. Ms. Lin said, the 15 day to the hospital to reflect this, the medical department and the pharmacy responsible person to give the child to do the function of liver and kidney blood tests, and promised next time again, but we are worried that this physical damage is irreversible ". Hospital: did take the wrong medicine yesterday, reporters saw the sea Lin from the pharmacy to reclaim the drug. The drug package reads: Cetirizine Hydrochloride Oral Solution drops, and close to the doctor’s advice is written: Cetirizine Hydrochloride Oral Solution, each taking 2.5ml. Said the relevant medical department of Fuqing City Maternal and child health hospital responsible person yesterday to accept our interview with reporters, the hospital pharmacy is indeed wrong, on duty that day is a young man to take a pharmacist, Cetirizine Hydrochloride Oral Solution drops. These two kinds of packaging is a kind of medicine, but the concentration is different, only one type of drink 0.25ml drops, a dose of oral solution of 2.5ml. The responsible person said, they will be responsible for the child in the end, at present, they have made a blood biochemical examination for children, there are some numerical results exceed the standard, but no more than too much, there should be no clinical significance. Originally planned 19 days for the children to do a check, but the parents said to be checked again a week." According to reports, the pharmacist will be subject to punishment. Expert: may damage renal function yesterday, reporters the sea maternal and Child Health Hospital of Fuqing city blood examination report, a director of Pediatrics issued from three hospitals to see. The pediatric director said cetirizine hydrochloride is an anti allergic drug, in theory, the damage to renal function is relatively large. The director of pediatric Hoi told reporters, in addition to injury of renal function, overdose will show symptoms of sleepiness, in theory, a drug overdose found immediately gastric lavage. From here相关的主题文章: