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A lot of "woman" disease can eat lotus root conditioning — people.com.cn Health Channel – people.com.cn original title: many "woman" disease can eat lotus root conditioning in addition, according to the theory of Yin-Yang and five elements, the female is yin. The physiological characteristics of women are prone to "Yin Deficiency", while the lotus is a good Yin of the goods, so people known as "male female from leek, lotus roots". Women eat lotus what benefits? "Life times" interview with the Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese Medicine Graduate School professor Yang Li interpret for you. Kidney yin deficiency mainly manifested as dizziness, backache, dry throat, if to yin deficiency fire degree, will feel heart hot hands. For this situation, mainly from the traditional Chinese medicine nourishing yin to recuperate, then it can be appropriate to eat some lotus. For example, the first popular in the palace blood nourishing food sweet scented osmanthus glutinous rice lotus; or fungus and lotus collocation stir fry, add a little medlar, has a very good role in adjuvant therapy for liver and kidney deficiency caused by blurred vision, dizziness, tinnitus, ear ache of waist disease. Secondly, through different methods of edible lotus, but also common adjuvant treatment of a variety of diseases in female. 1 menorrhagia clinically especially in Qi deficiency and blood heat caused by menorrhagia is most common. The operation of the blood deficiency can not be controlled, can cause menorrhagia, menstrual color is light, texture clear and watery, accompanied by palpitations shortness of breath, abdominal bulge and other symptoms, it is recommended to lotus root stew pork ribs, both qi and hemostasis. If the blood type of excessive menstrual blood, deep color, sticky texture, performance of Yin people will appear hand foot fever, easily bleeding gums, eat raw lotus root to this kind of person, can be eaten directly after peeling or drink juice, to have cool blood hemostatic effect. 2 two weeks postpartum postpartum blood stasis about raw lotus root, can remove intra-abdominal accumulation of blood stasis. Vitamin K is rich in lotus root vascular contraction and hemostasis. Mothers often eat Lotus can increase appetite, promote the secretion of milk. If the digestive function of the spleen and stomach, low stools, can be changed to eat cooked. 3 abnormal leucorrhea leucorrhea yellow, taste fishy, desirable lotus root juice bowl, red cockscomb 1 ~ 2 flower, after boiling, add brown sugar to take 2 times a day. 4 women with insomnia to children, do the housework, but also work hard, it is easy to work with excessive insomnia, then you can eat fried lotus lily, Qingxin Chufan, effectively alleviate insomnia. It can be brewed a drink at bedtime helps lotus, sleeping. 5 lung dryness cough as the saying goes "a treasure lotus, autumn lotus lotus, the patch" itself has Runfei effect, the autumn lotus root juice, adding honey to drink, to reduce fall prone dryness cough, hemoptysis effect is very good. "(Life Times reporter Zhao Rui (Xu Xinyi): right, commissioning editor Juan)相关的主题文章: