Advent in the face of extraterrestrial life, how do we introduce ourselves

"Advent": in the face of extraterrestrial life, how do we introduce ourselves? [Abstract] "come" is far from a female professor in linguistics to save the earth and the aliens legend, the story as the core, Louis and young daughter’s emotional story. "Come" poster Tencent entertainment Venice group reported (Zhang Haijin) Zhuangao the earliest visit Australia British, a first glimpse of a mammal with jumping animal, asked the natives with English, "what is this animal? "The native replied in his own language," Kangaroo". Since then, the southern hemisphere on the new continent of this magical animal known as the kangaroo (Kangaroo). In fact, the indigenous people were meant to say, "I don’t understand". The middle part of the science fiction movie "come", Amy · Adams’s linguistics professor Louis Banks, of Weber (Colonel Forest · Whitaker) talked about such a different language to communicate the absurd story, in order to show the anxiety: don’t expect the military I can give you a quick translation of Aliens here. What you want to do! Yes, meet different races on the Australian mainland, or at least have the same structure of the human vocal cords and limbs, drawing several rings, hengha a few words, like Robinson and Friday that can understand each other. Military base outside the sector of the spacecraft has seven tentacles of extraterrestrial life, can only issue a number of low-frequency noise, and some of the same as the octopus ink injection of some of the point of the eight diagrams. It is an impossible task for us to communicate with the translation and translation work before they resort to force, whether they are friends or enemies, or whether they are lost in the space of life or the terrible cosmic colonists. "Come" stills but when Colonel go away, Louis turned to the Australia anecdote shocked physicist Ian (Jeremy · Renner) spit out the truth: This is my xiabian. When extraterrestrial life has finally come to earth, the most appropriate communicator may be a linguist before it has the power or will to express it. This is the Hugo prize winner, Chinese writer Jiang Fengnan in the original story of "the story of your life," the clever character set. No family on without a tie in the world female professor Louis, became the first person to contact the ideal risk "them". Of course, in Montana, including a total of aliens in Shanghai, Australia, Siberia, Hokkaido, Venezuela and other places, 12 places "come", believe that the national teams also selected their corresponding professional angel. Login spaceship, weightlessness, self introduction, camera shots, symbol analysis, graphic interpretation…… For hard science fiction elements of the original logical thinking quite fun, director Denis Villeneuve and photographer Bradford · polyvinyl alcohol Young, Johannsson, Johannn music art director Patrice Vermette, Joe Walker and other editing a talented artist, on the imagination of extraordinary characters, completed a beautiful audio-visual language transfer!相关的主题文章: