After the Mid Autumn Festival, moon cakes can’t bear to throw the old man crazy to eat four pieces o-exit safe mode

After the Mid Autumn Festival moon cake is reluctant to throw the elderly eat four pieces of cake almost intestinal necrosis after the Mid Autumn Festival, there are 3 boxes of moon cake unopened, if Dad put long broken prematurely, breath eat 4 pieces, did not expect the "broken" belly, right groin muster a large bag, intestines almost dead. The day before the surgery, the daddy just turned the corner. After Zhao Diedie lived in the lake, during the Mid Autumn Festival, many friends and relatives sent many moon cakes. He and his wife take the moon cake too early every morning, afternoon snack. Even so, there are still 3 boxes of moon cakes left at home. In September 18th, Zhao Diedie thought that the mid autumn festival had passed, and the moon cake was not good enough. But the price was too expensive, and it was too bad for a long time. So I decided to finish eating them quickly. In the morning, Zhao dad ate two pieces of lotus seed egg yolk moon cake and two pieces of ham stuffing moon cake. Ten minutes later, Zhao Diedie suddenly felt abdominal pain, go to the toilet, found in the right groin area to produce a Hami melon size bag, he realized that 80% is 4 years ago, the hernia committed. Accompanied by his wife, Zhao Diedie came to the Wuhan central hospital after the Lake District hospital. Hernia and abdominal wall surgery Xin deputy chief physician carefully checked, diagnosed Zhao Diedie for inguinal hernia, and intestinal incarceration, can not be accepted by manipulation, must be operated, otherwise the bowel will die. Duan Xin immediately carried out emergency surgery for Zhao Diedie, and kept the "dying" state of the intestine. At present, Zhao Diedie recovered well. Originally, 4 years ago, Zhao Diedie was diagnosed as inguinal hernia, usually he had no treatment neither painful nor itching. Duan Xin told him that the moon cake itself is not easy to digest, eat so much, leading to acute hernia, originally had poor function of intestinal obstruction. If you come half an hour later, probably because of intestinal necrosis, intestinal perforation due to septic shock and death. Hernia and abdominal wall surgery director Wang Yong introduction, hernia acute attack generally appears in a short period of time abdominal pressure suddenly increased, such as severe cough, overeating, forced defecation and so on. Surgery is the only effective way to cure inguinal hernias.

中秋过后月饼舍不得扔 老人狂吃四块月饼差点肠坏死中秋节过后,家里还有3盒月饼没开封,爹爹怕放久了坏掉,过早时一口气吃下4块,没想到“撑破”肚皮,右侧腹股沟鼓起大包,肠子差点坏死。前日手术后,这位爹爹才转危为安。赵爹爹家住后湖,中秋节期间,亲朋好友送来许多月饼。他和老伴每天早上拿月饼过早,下午当点心。就算是这样,现在家里还有3盒月饼没开。9月18日,赵爹爹想着中秋已过,月饼也不好送人了,但价格不菲,放久了坏掉可惜,遂决定赶紧把它们吃完。早上,赵爹爹吃下两块莲蓉蛋黄月饼和两块火腿馅月饼。十几分钟后,赵爹爹突然感到腹部剧痛难忍,去厕所发现,右侧腹股沟区鼓起一个哈密瓜大小的包,他意识到,八成是4年前得的疝气犯了。在老伴的陪同下,赵爹爹来到武汉市中心医院后湖院区就诊。疝与腹壁外科段鑫副主任医师经过仔细地检查,诊断赵爹爹为腹股沟疝,且肠出现嵌顿,无法通过手法还纳,必须手术,否则肠会坏死。段鑫立刻为赵爹爹进行了急诊手术,保住了处于“濒死”状态的肠。目前,赵爹爹恢复情况良好。原来,4年前,赵爹爹就被诊断为腹股沟疝气,平时不痛不痒,他就没有治疗。段鑫告诉他,月饼本身就不易消化,一下吃了这么多,导致疝气急性发作,本来就功能不佳的肠梗阻了。如果晚来半小时,可能因为肠坏死、肠穿孔导致感染性休克而致命。疝与腹壁外科主任王勇介绍,疝气的急性发作一般出现在短时间内腹压突然加大,例如剧烈咳嗽、暴饮暴食、用力排便等等。手术是治愈腹股沟疝的唯一有效方法。相关的主题文章: