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Agricultural Bank of China Taishun Wu Xiaohong micro mall sale support reconstruction operation of Taishun local brand has more than 20 years, she is one of the ABC micro mall merchants settled, currently has more than 500 acres of tea base, refining workshop of 2500 square meters, the annual processing of 600 tons of tea, and determined to build Taishun tea culture ecological tourism project. However, in September this year, several typhoons, once the beautiful mountain ecological tea garden, also without exception by a hundred years of heavy rain hit, tea mountain road collapse, repeated strong typhoon, so that the original fragile soil base has been repeatedly damaged. In order to help enterprises to survive, promptly return the funds for post disaster reconstruction, and also to be able to bridge and Taishun disaster area construction out of a modest, Wenzhou Agricultural Bank of China decided to carry out the sale and integral donation, provided by the enterprises cost of sales of the tea, the bank provided donations and sales platform. In the micro mall on each transaction order, the bank will donate the same amount at the same time, micro mall will also open the integral donation link, customers can also donate directly with integral, all the money will be directly used to support the reconstruction of the affected areas Taishun and Taishun bridges. The public can pay attention to "the Wenzhou branch of the Agricultural Bank, send the" sale "to participate in activities, 29 yuan can buy affordable three cups of tea, of course can also direct donation points, not only can help enterprises to support the Taishun bridge and the reconstruction of disaster areas.

农行微商城义卖支持泰顺重建吴晓红经营泰顺本地品牌已有二十余载,她是农行微商城的入驻商家之一,目前拥有茶园基地500多亩,有2500平方米、年加工茶叶600吨的精制厂房,并立志打造泰顺茶文化生态旅游项目。 然而在今年9月份的数次台风袭击下,曾经美好的高山生态茶园,也无一例外地被百年一遇特大暴雨袭击,茶园山路坍塌,一再的强台风让原本尚未修复的脆弱泥土基地更是一再受创。为了帮助企业渡过难关,及时回笼资金用于灾后重建,也为了能够为廊桥和泰顺灾区建设出一份绵薄之力,温州农行决定开展义卖及积分捐赠活动,由企业提供成本价销售的茶叶,农行提供销售平台和捐赠款项。在微商城上每成交一笔订单,农行将捐出相同的金额,同时微商城还将开放积分捐赠链接,客户也可以用积分直接捐赠,所有款项将直接用于支持泰顺廊桥以及泰顺灾区的重建。 市民可以关注“农业银行温州分行”,发送“义卖”参与活动,用29元便可以买到实惠的三杯香茶叶,当然也可以直接捐赠积分,既能帮助企业也能支援泰顺廊桥以及灾区重建。相关的主题文章: