Alipay five exposure half the amount of red distribution may only get 3 hair 8


this evening, Alipay will officially stop five lottery, this morning has nearly 130 million users together. Plus today Alipay sent 20 million 170 thousand Zhang wannengfu, a conservative estimate there will be 150 million users collect five.

so, collect what will Wufu get how much money? Since this year is divided into two hundred million random luck spell, up to 666 yuan, so to many users share only a few cents.

today, appeared on a Alipay map of the distribution of the amount of red five. From the picture, the highest 666 yuan red envelope is only 18888, the winning probability of 0.02%, the minimum amount of $0.38, the winning probability of 54.44%.

in addition, there are 528 yuan bonus amount, $158, $88.8, $66.6, $52.8, 15.8 yuan, $6.66, $1.28, $0.88 and a few grades, the smaller the amount of red envelopes, the higher the probability.

of course, because the picture is not from Alipay official, so the authenticity is not high. But in any case, the final few users will get a few more than half.