All though this double cube residential pure and beautiful

All though this double cube box pure and stunning Chu [residential] Home Furnishing introduction compared to China crazy property market to grab a can barely afford to pay the difference to style building, take a piece of land to build a house for my family is simply too big — well, well, more than just dreaming. But there is a small town in Holland Deventer residential is very consistent with this dream plot. This house is located in the old industrial zone, Ethel, an old warehouse on the East Bank of the east side of the river, the owner is a young couple, invited the Holland local design studio MAKS steering residential design. Taking into account the owners of budget nervousness, MAKS team founder Marieke Kums also decided to design everything from simple, even most of furniture is bought from the main cost of IKEA. This is a double cube building material, is also starting from the low cost angle, durable concrete is an architectural materials, adding wood texture finishes in the facade. The interior space is wrapped with white paint the walls to maintain a strict budget at the same time, also ensure the internal space of the transparent light and spacious. Although the material is simple, but the facade of heavy and light internal space is created inside and outside space of rough and delicate contrast, is also the designer effect. Small window facade is a sense of fun.相关的主题文章: