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Amazing changes of uterus before and after childbirth: internal organs were squeezed into what kind of Sohu on a "kangaroo on maternal parenting", kangaroo Ma gave us: the formation process of my aunt. Every month, because the eggs are not exposed to sperm, so the preparation of fertilized eggs for the implantation of the endometrium, thus forming a menstrual cycle. So that once the eggs and sperm, and what will happen? What is the role of the uterus in the fetus? Don’t worry, let me slowly, is definitely a wonderful and fierce enclosure war. First look, the womb in the mother’s geographical coordinates. She is located in the center of the pelvic cavity, the front of the bladder, followed by the rectum. They had respectively occupied territory of a party, nonaggression. So however, when the fertilized egg to the uterus after all, began quietly changing, a territorial battle is brewing. So when the uterus looks like a pear from the appearance of the uterine cavity, an inverted triangle. So although the fertilized eggs in the uterus after implantation, began to increase gradually split into embryos, but in the beginning (early pregnancy), the territory is small enough to accommodate the uterus embryo. We as the embryo grew bigger and bigger, the womb space began to appear small, the uterus had to start slowly larger, to third months pregnant, it looks like a grapefruit. We began to take the increased uterine compression territory, is located in the front and rear part of the bladder and rectum, resulting in reduction of bladder capacity, pregnant mother frequency, the total row net urine feeling. So in the first 3 months of pregnancy, the uterus is also increasing, but on the surface, may also see no change in the body of pregnant mother. Wait until fourth months, continue to grow and grow in the pelvis, this time, you can see the pregnant mother belly slightly. So when 5 months pregnant, to further increase the uterus, stomach appeared Genggu, about two cm below the navel place, pregnant mother can touch your uterus. So when 6 months pregnant, the uterus has reached about 8 cm above the navel, enlarged uterus upward extrusion viscera, the mother will appear chest distress, dyspnea and other symptoms. We arrived at the age of seventh months, the uterus continues to rise. So when 8 months pregnant, the uterus increases reached at the bottom of the uterus abdominal cavity, located between the xiphoid and umbilicus. So when 9 months pregnant, the uterus has almost occupied the entire abdominal cavity, direct compression of stomach, diaphragm, heart, lead to the pregnant mother appear dejected, shortness of breath, poor appetite, bloating and other symptoms, the urination number also increases. So however, pregnant fast 10 months, suddenly sometimes there will be a small uterine contraction. It is your baby to come into the basin, the birth of the baby’s head began to go down, at the bottom of the uterus has also begun to decline. We expected to, this is the day the baby is born. The exhausted body strength, began a strong contraction, help your baby downward delivery. We finally in the uterus through dozens of hours of hard fighting, accompanied by crying crying, the baby is born.相关的主题文章: