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American Museum on display 18K golden toilet: full-featured will be open to visitors – Sohu news features a full range of 18K gold toilet, visitors can use the museum. (Agence France-Presse) in September 16 Xinhua comprehensive report, gold toilet Guggenheim Museum in New York is about to open 18 carat gold to build, to come to visit the exhibition visitors. In fact, this 18K gold toilet is currently being held in an interactive exhibition of the participating projects. It comes from Italy Catalan artists hand, named "America" (America), on the one hand is to pay tribute to the artist Duchamp’s works of art in 1917 with a urinal "Fountain", on the other hand also want to let people experience the ultra luxury products, experience between the 1% rich and ordinary people of the gap between rich and poor. The museum described it as a bold and fearless works, it reminds us of all human physiological excretion is the reality can not escape, the museum visitors are encouraged to try the ultimate luxury toilet experience. Local time 16 days, 18K gold toilet will officially open to the public, the museum specially hired a security guard, every 15 minutes to clean one, let people can continue to visit.相关的主题文章: