And Galanz 17 Huan new appliances


Spring Festival Spring Festival approaching, the army have already set foot on the journey home. Home is not just a migration of thousands of miles apart, or a taste of the bright new journey. The flavor of the new year, the taste of home, mother’s taste, let you in a thousand miles away, in the Spring Festival, especially miss. When the kitchen is just looking around the busy mother, eagerly waiting for the delicious food show. Cook now, we can use high-tech tools to do the cooking cook, let mother enjoy delicious food, his parents and family to cook a table as healthy and delicious the dinner on New Year’s Eve!


tomato fans said: "New Year’s Eve to eat the dinner on New Year’s Eve two fish, a lunar New Year’s day, eat one, is more than year after year. If you make a word, eat the dinner on New Year’s Eve in the end of the Lunar New Year’s day to eat the head and tail, so year after year ". Yes, fish is a hard dish on the table at the annual Spring Festival every year, but this year we are similar, not like to point, Galanz microwave oven to make delicious braised cod, healthy and delicious.