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And Gandhi talk about "6 civilization" designer bomb spree still crazy 2K well-known turn based strategy game "civilization" new series "(Sid Meier s" 6 civilization "Civilization VI) after two weeks will be on the market. Taking advantage of the "6 civilizations" listed on the eve of 2K in Korea Seoul The Palace Hvar Hotel held "6" Asian civilization press conference, game designer ANTON STRENGER at the press conference given Asian media access, according to whether Gandhi will shoot the bomb, MOD, intelligence etc. diversification content is analyzed and the following will be finished to interview everyone. "6 civilization" game designer ANTON STRENGER 1 in the "6" civilization gameplay changes, like the builder will not automatically after action, you have observed that what influence and change on the strategy of early game player past familiar? Does the player’s early game strategy become more diversified? Answer: some changes in our civilization "6", "5" the familiar civilization in the "6 civilization" game player can not continue to use the same strategy, we observed five generation as soon as possible if you can grab the builder, game player hostile workers is of great help. Because in the five generation, the workers did not use restrictions, if he took over more than one worker units, more than a unit of workers, for the great advantage of civilization. Now the workers never use restrictions, now become builders can only use three times, the game player even grab, would not be so useful. The builder has a limited number of game player, will start to use caution, to think about what they want to do what. The five generation did not use restrictions, as long as the game time is long enough to cover what you can cover, and now there is a number of use, it is necessary to allocate resources, and some may not be able to cover it, so be careful. We see in the test of the players in the six generation, is to build a new building or to upgrade will have a more cautious judgment. Become difficult when testing 2 savage feeling, the barbarian is in the "6" civilization with the previous five generations of different location? Do research and development teams want to increase the pressure on players in the early stages of the game? Answer: the barbarians in the six generation of a change, the biggest difference is to send scouts reconnaissance around, if he will find the city rushed back to his tribe, if these scouts escaped barbarians will send commando, the number may be very much, this is a big threat to the game player beginning. On the other hand, if you beat the barbarians a lot more than they used to, including "I found out" is a positive study of the fight against barbarians. Like some collar, sleeve like Gilgamesh out barbarian tribes also have special additive effect, so the influence of the game the barbarians really become bigger. This navigation Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.   3 we see Gandhi once again become one of the leaders of "civilization", compared to the previous works, this time in the new generation of Gandhi and what is the difference between the past, we are still very concerned about the.相关的主题文章: