Angelababy is pregnant or from March lightscape

Angelababy is pregnant or "from March"? Text Sina column boiled entertainment fat Baby Luo Jun baby in the end did not? This has become a fan ye be pregnant after 2016, entertainment and a "pregnant door" in suspense, Huang Xiaoming has also become a couple and mass between the media and an interesting catch. It is said Huang Xiaoming in his new film for the first time the conference site to confirm that Baby is pregnant yesterday, due in March approximately at the end of February 2017 early projections should have more than 4 months pregnant. But when the media contact Huang Xiaoming staff, the other party has decisively face pregnant saying: "false, no brother Xiaoming said this sentence. Since the 2015 marriage, Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy has been in the context of pregnancy. People almost is eagerly looking forward to pregnant and they, like Conan Baby’s pregnancy unremitting find traces, the media inventory, this year, Baby six was reported the news of pregnancy, more news that she will quit running man due to pregnancy. No wonder that the media entertainment actress pregnant make groundless accusations, because there have been "excellent tradition from March". Is the female stars after pregnancy, will deliberately conceal or vague response, but afterwards they prove that people’s eyes are sharp. I was 4 months pregnant, announced a high-profile news, Yang Mi also announced that she was pregnant after 3 months. So Baby pregnant in the end is a secret can not be said, or a good imagination of the media and the public? Whatever the answer, it must be 2016 entertainment many confused Rashomon, a most worrisome. Huang Xiaoming denied that Baby pregnancy statement? Can respond to the "birth date" is how to return a responsibility? Playback yesterday Rashomon, like a reverse suspense constantly. The first is the media broke the news that Huang Xiaoming starred in it "trump card" with ACE conference confirm for the first time that Baby was pregnant, reports not only wrote the date and time for the CIS, the parties in the field of "cheeky shy" details. Looks like the answer has been opened. However, the reversal of entertainment is always the thunder of the potential. When the media tried to verify, but Huang Xiaoming side quickly gave the opposite view, not only denied the pregnancy, but also said the group visited the scene reporters can testify." As for whether Baby is pregnant, she said: "now the pre production period are confidential, we have good news will be the first time publicly, but not now." Look, this is a false news on the categorically denied, but many of the media attention to this sentence in the response, "due date are confidential." This — can’t really blame the media and the masses eat melon gossip and chew, after all Baby was pregnant by national attention, one day hot search, followed by staged denial of pregnancy drama, it is also than the movie plot twists and turns, the logic bug couldn’t make people fall into a reverie. But, eat melon group相关的主题文章: