Annie Yi tore open again midwife doctor unrepentant still lie (video) actv

Annie Yi tore open again: midwife doctor unrepentant still lie [Abstract] Annie Yi said, the doctor did not realize his mistake, but also codified and slander themselves. Annie Yi and her daughter Annie Yi Annie Yi and micro-blog map screenshot and doctor unrepented: tear open more chilling Tencent entertainment news (text Zhou Chen) at the end of June this year, Annie Yi gave birth to her daughter "rice", but because of postoperative wound infection, in early August to clean up the knife wound, and issued a document on the network refers to the American doctor he had ignored the treatment. However, the United States has made a rebuttal to the doctor, said several times and Annie Yi about to return to the clinic, the other side of the temporary cancellation before the examination. Today (August 28th), Annie Yi again in micro-blog published a lengthy rage against the surgeons, and drying out your own photos and wound infection related chat. Annie Yi said, the doctor did not realize his mistake, but also codified and slander themselves. In fact, there is contradiction between Annie Yi and Li Duantang had delivered a doctor. In early July 10th, Annie Yi is still in the period of confinement in micro-blog posted a lawyer’s letter, claiming the cesarean section postoperative surgeons without the photo posted on the social networking platform, resulting in bad business for stealing pictures such as "birth in the United States and other illegal small ads. Annie Yi feel their own interests, to the illegal publication of the advertising website issued a letter of attorney, and warned the doctor. Annie Yi said the doctor’s explanation of his photo outflow is that someone stole his cell phone in the hospital, and spread out the photos. By the end of July, Annie Yi moved to Taiwan because of the deterioration of the wound the doctor at the clinic, and in early August to clean up the knife wound, at the same time, Annie Yi also issued a document on the network refers to the original knife doctor Li ignored treatment. However, Dr Lee has said that Annie Yi himself in the production after short-term arrangements 3 times return visit, and make another appointment for 2 times, and each time in the appointment time when Annie Yi canceled, "so, the network is not true." He also said that the other side would like to respect the medical staff, and attempts to resolve disputes through judicial channels. For Lee’s response, Annie Yi on August 27th, issued a series of two micro-blog counterattack. Annie Yi drying out their own chat with Dr. Lee’s assistant, pointing to the doctor to lie, the other side not only know her wounds, but also know that she had time to see the doctor. Qin Hao also forwarded his wife micro-blog shelled the doctor does not seek death will not die, skill is not impossible, wrong is wrong, "Qin Hao said the other can claim that Annie Yi doesn’t know purulent wound infection, all sorts of behavior was" born Providence will not forgive you, this is the lower limit of the challenges people do? Do you want me to send you a copy of the interview?" 28 afternoon, Annie Yi drying out again before and after the treatment of the doctor’s appointment with any of the records, and attached to the United States, Taiwan, the diagnosis of the diagnosis of the two hospitals, said he had enough evidence to prove that the other side of the hands of lying. At the same time, she also said he was not going to pursue the responsibility of the doctor, "I think that people will reflect, after all is the work of salvation, and rice is healthy and lovely, grace, I decided to lenient wherever it is possible, but did not expect the other side to his lie. In addition, it is worth noting that there are other screenshots Annie Yi issued by other users exposure相关的主题文章: