Apple CEO Cook AR technology innovation is the same as the smart machine

Cook and game developers Ustwo staff photo

Phoenix Technology News Beijing on February 11th news, according to technology blog 9to5mac reports, apple CEO Tim · (Tim) really want people to know that he is very interested in Augmented Reality (AR) technology () technology (Cook). Whenever there is a chance, he will talk about the AR technology around, like before the introduction of Apple Watch stressed the potential of the wrist device.

in the course of a week in Europe, Cook accepted the British Independent newspaper interview, he even said he regarded the AR as a major idea like a smart machine".

Cook once again stressed the difference between AR and virtual reality (VR). He believes that AR combines the reality of the user’s environment, and VR is to let the user out of the environment. Cook believes that AR technology can resonate, but VR can not, because it put the other people out of the door.

it is clear that only from Cook’s talk about the AR technology, look at the attitude of the poor VR can be seen, Apple has been around the AR technology to make a plan. Cook in an interview that the size of the AR can reach the level of intelligent machines.

"I see it as a big idea like an intelligent machine. Intelligent machine is for all people, we do not think that iPhone is only for a specific user base, the national or vertical market, it faces all. I think AR can reach such a large scale, very large, "said Cook.

has reported that apple is planning to integrate AR functionality into the iPhone camera in the future. There are also reports that apple is developing a wearable glasses products, the use of AR technology. KGI securities analyst Guo Ming said that Apple plans to use AR in automatic driving car project under.

Apple has been around the AR technology to implement a number of acquisitions and talent recruitment, including AR software company Metaio.