Apple iPhone 8 killer first exposure the perfect home

apple radical! IPhone 8 new features first exposure: iris recognition


fingerprint recognition is not the safest way to protect user privacy, apple is also well aware of this, and they will do?

now, the Electronic Times reported that apple industry chain sources broke the news, iPhone 8 this year, many changes are sigh, will be the first OLED screen (the highest version), a new design for second, finally also equipped with an iris scanner (shown as the killer function).

the last we heard for the first time, and iPhone 8 is equipped with an iris scanner, is simply based on iris eyes identification, iris is annular portion located between the black pupil and white sclera, because of its particularity and uniqueness of user identity identification, security is undoubtedly make further.

Note 7 to support this feature before, can still be used.

reported that apple iPhone 8 in order to make the smooth assembly of iris scanner has been with Taiwan supplier Xintec to discuss related issues, which will be on behalf of the factory, and plans to begin later this year.

in addition to Samsung, Apple has accumulated for a long time in the iris recognition technology, before they had applied for Iris Engine (iris engine) patent, and the acquisition of Faceshit and PrimeSense two companies focus on technologies related to facial recognition, gesture recognition or iris recognition, and news iPhone 8 in order to achieve the function, near the front the camera will have laser sensors and infrared sensors, so as to realize the face recognition and gesture recognition.


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