Apple watch last year’s market performance

Apple Watch last year’s market performance?

chicken at the beginning of the smart watch market war prelude has been opened. It is understood that Apple Corp has recently been a good thing, not only in terms of earnings data to make investors satisfied, but also the first time beyond the Samsung smartphone shipments. However, we seem to have overlooked another Apple Watch products of the Apple Corp, if not dig it, maybe we do not know the apple in the smart watch market last year are good.

well-known market research firm Canalys found that Apple watches in the four quarter and full year 2016 almost dominated the wearable market, not only achieved record sales, but its market share is three times the other competitors — this dominance, it is Apple’s most wanted.

at the beginning of last year, the smart watch industry is very competitive, but now "The Legendary Swordsman" perhaps only an apple. Last quarter, apple watches shipments reached 9 million, a record high, more powerful is that Apple watches brought $2 billion 600 million in revenue for the Apple Corp, accounted for more than 80% of the income of the entire smart watch market.

in the fourth quarter of last year, apple I and apple II watch watch was a great success, on the one hand, the apple watch I price to attract a lot of consumers, on the other hand, apple in the smart watch new fitness and waterproof function also received a lot of praise.

last year, Apple Corp sales of more than 11 million 900 thousand smart watches, accounting for 50% of the global smart watch market. The second place is Fitbit, with a market share of $17%, a Samsung market share of third, and a share of the remaining market share of the rest of the smart watch manufacturers in the world by the year 15%.

although Apple watches last year’s performance is not good, but this year can continue?

last year, a lot of smart watches manufacturers suffered a cold winter, the market can challenge the apple watch Series 2 very few competitors, probably only Samsung Gear a family of 3. But this year may be quite different:

· LG will release two smart watches based on Google Android Wear 2 operating system;

· Fitbit will release a new smart watch, allegedly the world’s first all blue smart watches. Thanks to the acquisition of Coin, Fitbit will use its technology to launch Fitbit ‘s Blaze;

· Pebble and Vector have disclosed that will release the new version of smart watches, not disclosed;

· HUAWEI will launch a new generation of smart hands;