Artificial Disc Replacement A .plete Overview

Health It seems like yesterday that the only treatment for herniated cervical discs was Spinal Fusion Surgery. In this surgery, metal plates, screws and bone grafts are used for attaching two or more than two vertebrae in the spine, neck or cervical area. Although this form of surgery helped people a lot, however its results lead to restricted movement as well as motion. Times changed and so with it came artificial discs that brought revolution in the medical field, especially amongst patients suffering from back pain. Artificial Disc Replacement Atlanta has gained immense popularity because of the fact that surgeons here are highly experienced and qualified in performing the surgery. Disc replacement surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Once the effect of anesthesia starts showing, patient is laid on back so that surgeon can get an access to the patients spine via the front of the body. Normally, a pillow is placed under the lower back. A team of surgeon performs this surgery. While one surgeon is vascular the other is general. A small incision is made near the belly button of the patient. Surgeons will meticulously work through patients abdomen and organs are moved to one side. This will make it easier for the surgeons to see the spine. At this point of time, X ray is taken so that the clear picture of disc to be replaced can be seen. Then the damaged disc is removed and new artificial disc is inserted. There is very possibility that second X ray might be taken to ensure the fitting of the new disc. Recuperation post ADR Patients who have undergone Artificial Disc Replacement surgery are required to stay in hospital for three to five days. Usually, recuperation post surgery is fast however varies from one patient to the other. You might be re.mended to wear braces for support. In order to reduce stiffness, you might be asked to walk after one or two days of the surgery. Make sure that you do not life heavy objects for six to eight months. While your stay in hospital you will be examined physical therapist who will suggest a few gentle exercises. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: