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"Asked:" new competitive play summon wind and call for rain CGWR score analysis of 7.5 novice card booking | asked area lead: ten years of classic, millions of online "asked:" has been officially launched summon wind and call for rain, bring for the majority of friends not only to upgrade the combat capabilities of the system, and a variety of ingenious design, more exciting athletic games you try skill. At the same time, the new welfare activities in the fiery, generous award capricious send. Today, we have a detailed understanding of the new competitive gameplay, blood battle new experience! "Asked" the official website "" micro-blog "" Sina "" asked "asked" the exquisite original painting speed game arena new competitive play new speed racing arena every Friday, evening open, full 60 level game player can enter the service hall sign up to participate in the game. Every game for team reached 16 or row team number registration time reaches 20 minutes directly open knockout game, the game started, the line immediately second game application, every game is divided into 2.5 districts, each half of the district to decide a winner for the final champion. The new speed race, from registration to participate in the game, greatly reducing the player waiting time! The speed match Arena season PK exclusive title you speed new speed game arena, PK duel victory will get points, experience, rich road and other incentives, such as the game player won a championship in exchange rate, can be obtained at the same time the golden reward "speed match king" exclusive title! "Asked" the new piece of information, the new speed race arena activities, provide a new venue for the game player, bringing a new speed match PK fun, and generous gifts to get soft! The speed match arena]     Mid Autumn Festival rich Howe asked: "a big game player officially launched" summon wind and call for rain, not only can experience the new competitive play, can also participate in the Mid Autumn Festival welfare activities, receive a generous holiday gifts. 09 Feb 15 to 09 Feb 21, game player can participate in the festival, the guardian, the celestial moon cake moon cake festival multiple activities, the successful completion of acquisition, Chang Bo challenge guards, making moon cake any activities, get experience, spirit, Daoxing, zodiac, new moon and other pet animal variation prize. "Asked" the exquisite original painting "said:" the new competitive play summon wind and call for rain, another new tide of battle. The mid autumn festival activities carried out in the hot, generous welfare portrait run, animal prizes waiting for you to come, more veterans return to Feng Houhao in a fiery ceremony! All the best, all in the new "asked:" summon wind and call for rain! Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: