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Augusto only made 2 ball show don’t push him when the Almighty Guoan Hulk GalAT Augusto celebrates sports reporter Zhou Jiahua reported that because of the ability to + comprehensive, Renato · Augusto has become Brazil’s important tactical pawn. According to the different opponents, coach tITe will let Augusto play different roles: such as the home court against Argentina Guoan, the generals on the defensive vanguard as the incarnation of Messi, and went to Lima, he turned the core of the organization, not only the first ball driving hot Suss, also for the ball low shot victory. After the takeover of Brazil teeter team coach, the Selecao offensive system was re comb. In the Dunga era, the main responsibility for the pre shot shot, while the central organization of the work of the series, then handed over to others, such as Elias. After the Brazil team, Augusto in the middle of the change dynasties, Elias became a partner from Paulinho, but his main functions are changed. Compared to the past, the general security defense burden, the task is inserted shot to "violent bird" to complete. Therefore, in the national team before teeter in the 5 game, Augusto is not a goal for. For the task of Augusto teeter, from no excuses. In the daily training and competition, he will be through the observation and study to master our team, as a defensive midfielder of the essentials, "I will focus around teammates of the game, Casey Milo of extraordinary ability to read almost none, he can predict the opponent’s next action. Few people do this, as well as Ralph (national team mate) can also be. I trained with him every day, and I watched and learned from him. The transition from a midfielder to defensive midfielder is not simple, but I’m trying to enrich my technical characteristic." Because of Kasaimiluoyin injury, while Phil Nandy Neo’s body is unwell, Augusto need to pay more attention on the defensive end. This time against Peru, Augusto finally can be relieved from the heavy task of defense. In teeter’s behest, he repeatedly with the right of Coutinho cross, to assault Peru left gate. Fifteenth minutes, Augusto kudiniao pass, along the road of high speed ball, unfortunately, his high quality then pass by Jesus waste. Fifty-eighth minutes, Augusto on the right instigated the attack, Coutinho broke into the restricted area of the Peru defence of the high speed caused confusion, Binghuangmaluan, Jesus was lucky to get the ball, and the ball into the Jialiesai guarded the door. Brazil team 1:0 lead. After that, had a long time to occupy the right side of midfield Augusto inwards gradually and at the edge of the area activities. In seventy-ninth minutes, Jesus left out of a cross, Augusto in the restricted area, then low scoring, scoring his first goal in the era of teeter! After the game, "Lance sports" and "global sports" were given to the 7.5 and the team scored the highest score of 7 (second only to the · of the; Jesus); (). Among them, the Lance sports on the foreign aid of the national security review is that he (Augusto) played very well, including the right side of the road P相关的主题文章: