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Augusto to Juve probability is not high not to read the instructions – Guoan sports Sohu   Beijing yesterday morning, Augusto once again on behalf of the Brazil national team debut in the World Cup qualifier, a field for Paulinho sent assists him, continue their fight into a ball, to help the Brazil team 2 to 0 victory over Peru at the same time, also let his national team scored six game winning streak, a road running toward russia. See this scene, we can not help but think of Augusto told the sentence: "when the winter back, please remember to bring your instructions back ah!" In the past 2016, Augusto is Brazil’s national team after the Copa America model workers: 100 years at the Olympic Games, after the Olympic Games and World Cup qualifiers, but it is also important to Asia and South America to run back and forth. All over this route, all know that it is a long and painful more than and 30 hours, but is born Augustus boil down, but also no big injuries, this is not easy. More importantly, although the Brazil team has experienced from Dunga to teeter change, but Augusto’s main position has been very stable, but in the current coach teeter ShouDeXia, Augusto has been hitherto unknown reuse, the main midfielder said, was also the rotation as captain, you know before is Neymar as the samba the captain of the army. From this point it is not difficult to see that Augusto is now in the position of the Brazil national team, which is quite high. And yesterday’s game, Augusto has not let the coach disappointed: he was positive, the scope of activities greatly, and Paulinho turns insert the box and create a lot of opportunities and threats. And he received a pass in the penalty area after the face of the other players to defend the team, you can still shoot the far corner of the Jesus, had to let people sigh his shooting skills equally well. While such a Augusto, obviously and 2016 Super League season Augusto has significant differences: in the past 2016 season, Augusto and national security has been in the running, Augusto is looking for the national security of the speed and rhythm, national security is struggling to find the right position of Augusto on the field. No. 8 in the Brazil National Team Guoan played almost every outfield position, from the waist to the vanguard to winger to Qianyao even is the center, Augusto’s performance is also the ups and downs in the changing position, and even issued a "smuggled goods" judgment. But look at him in the national team, I would rather believe that we still have not found the correct use of the Augusto method, therefore, may wish to look at the Brazil Team Guoan repeated recent game video, see how to use Augusto teeter, this is a belated "Augusto manual". With the continuous high light in the national team, Augusto was also from the European team’s attention: according to media reports in Italy, Juventus have spotted Augusto, want to introduce Augusto to. Of course, Augusto and Guoan has a contract, the old woman really want to buy, money transfer fee to come out again. When Augusto joined the national security.相关的主题文章: