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Australia passengers collective Tucao "bad" called civilized travel Sohu News Australia passengers Tucao in public transportation "Uncle type seat" and "backpack type seat". Beijing, February, 5,   according to the Australian Network reported, imagine, you end the whole day hard work, when you go home bus or subway, but found that the whole car is full, there is no seat. What would you feel like? If you find a row of chairs are empty, heart is not a time of happiness? The row was occupied by a passenger, and he was not wearing shoes! What would you feel like? According to reports, recently, a Sydney office worker experienced a crowded subway "late peak", making him physically and mentally tired, but until he saw a passenger himself occupied 6 seats, he understood what is "heart tired."". He said on social media: "this cute old guy has 6 seats on his own, and it’s at the peak of the subway."! To my surprise, no one asked him to move his seat." Photo shows the "bully" passengers "intermediate in other unruly passengers, he sat on the stand head and shoulders above others" in the middle of the seat, his legs inclined on the lift in the opposite seat. In order to make himself comfortable, he even took off his shoes. This phenomenon clearly poked many Sydney people’s sensitive points, causing a large number of netizens resonance, so that everyone complained. One of them said, "nobody wants to deal with this awful thing after a day’s work." Some netizens say that he should be taught a lesson. Internet users also expressed their recognition of the passengers, previously encountered him as like as two peas thing, he said: "when I asked him to move some of the position, he mumbling to say what a little move the leg, then I drove away." In public transportation the selfish behavior seems to be very common, Australia last year people Tucao uncle seat in public transportation type "(manspreading) and" backpack "(shebagging). "Uncle type seat" refers to some of the passengers seem to feel that a seat is not sitting, legs splayed, accounted for 1.5 of the two seats, this condition refers to the male. The backpack type seat "is refers to the female, some of the passengers may feel sitting is not enough, but also to make their bags take a seat," rest "! 澳大利亚乘客集体吐槽“不良占座” 吁文明出行-搜狐新闻 澳大利亚乘客吐槽公共交通中的“大爷式占座”以及“背包式占座”。   中新网2月5日电  据澳洲网报道,试想一下,你结束一整天辛苦的工作,踏上回家的公交车或地铁的时候,却发现全车爆满,根本没有座位。你会是什么心情?如果这时候你发现有一排椅子都空荡无人,是不是心里一阵窃喜?这一排座位都被一名乘客霸占了,而且他还没穿鞋!你又会是什么心情?  据报道,近日,一名悉尼上班族经历了一场拥挤的地铁“晚高峰”,使得他身心俱疲,但直到看到一名乘客自己霸占了6个座位后,他才明白什么是“心累”。  他在社交媒体上表示:“这位可爱的老家伙独自霸占了6个座位,而且还是在地铁高峰期!令我意外的是,竟然没有人叫他挪一下位置。”  照片显示,这名“霸道”的乘客在别的守规矩的乘客中间“鹤立鸡群”,他坐在靠中间的座位上,将自己的双腿斜上举在对面的座位上。为了让自己舒服一点,他甚至将自己的鞋脱了下来。这一现象显然戳中了许多悉尼人的敏感点,引起了大量网民共鸣,使得大家纷纷抱怨。  其中一人表示:“没有人想在一天的工作后再处理这种糟糕的事情。”也有网民表示他该受点教训才好。还有网民表示自己认出来该乘客,以前也遇到过他做一模一样的事,他说:“当时我叫他挪开一些位置,他嘟嘟囔囔的说了些什么,稍微挪动了下腿,之后将我赶走了。”  在公共交通工具上的自私的行为似乎是很常见的,去年澳人们就吐槽过公共交通中的“大爷式占座”(manspreading )以及“背包式占座”(shebagging)。  “大爷式占座”是指有些乘客似乎觉得一个座位不够坐,便要双腿叉开,占一个半到两个座位,这种情况多指男性。而“背包式占座”则多指女性,有些乘客可能觉得自己坐还不够,还要让自己的包包坐个座位,“休息”一下!相关的主题文章: