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Autumn skin is easy to dry and itchy skin to prevent dryness   eat sesame – Shenzhen channel — original title: autumn dry itchy skin is easy to eat sesame moisturizing anti dry in autumn, the skin is dry, and sesame has the characteristics of nourishing the skin. Not only in autumn, sesame can be eaten in four seasons. After the beginning of autumn, many people began to dry skin, eat what is good? Try black sesame. Autumn dry skin easy to eat sesame seeds into the skin into the autumn, the human body is easy to dry skin, while sesame has moisturizing skin characteristics. The Chinese medicinal sesame have higher understanding, saying it is a strong flavor agent, blood, Runchang, Sheng Jin, Tongru, hair and other effects, suitable for frail, early white hair, chlorosis, body fluid deficiency, constipation, dizziness tinnitus and other symptoms. Sesame also known as flax, sweet, flat, into the liver and kidney. Has long been regarded as a long life food, it is rich in protein, fat, calcium and phosphorus and other trace elements, especially the highest iron content. Sesame fat is mostly unsaturated fatty acids, for the elderly health care is of great significance. Commonly used in the elderly Yin deficiency caused by constipation, dry skin, liver and kidney and blood deficiency caused by vertigo, early white hair, Yaoxisuanruan embolism. Note that the loss of appetite, stool thin people should not eat sesame. Edible sesame round a lot of people do not know how to connect, sesame and three meals a day, in fact, as long as the way to add some sesame porridge made of sesame porridge, go in, take it as a breakfast or dinner, often eat it. Not only the autumn, sesame seeds can be eaten throughout the autumn and winter seasons a tablespoon a day, spring and summer seasons a half a day can be. It should be noted that, do not eat too many sesame seeds, sesame seeds to eat too much will cause endocrine disorders, causing scalp greasy, resulting in fur withered, shedding. So don’t be too much. Three strategies to teach you choose black sesame black and white two kinds of edible white sesame, black sesame as well, with good medicine. On the market and difficult to distinguish the black sesame black sesame, teach you three: 1, find a fracture, see the fracture part of the color, if the fracture part is black, it is dyed; if the fracture part is white, that’s black sesame really; 2, with a wet handkerchief or towel false, black sesame rub on wet paper towel, do not fade is genuine, otherwise it may be fake; black sesame 3, real taste is not bitter, but a slight sense of sweet, sesame flavor, no odor; and dyed black sesame oil or organic flavor, except sesame flavor besides the unusual smell and bitter. (commissioning editor Yuan Liyun and Wang Xing)相关的主题文章: