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Badaling tiger bite was identified non accident zoo today opened in Badaling wild animal world Tiger Park door hanging driving safety tips. Video screenshot Badaling wild animal world hanging in front of nine garden notes. Video screenshot Beijing News (reporter Ceng Jinqiu Wu Wei) in July 23rd 15 pm, Beijing Badaling wild animal world, a 32 year old female tourists Zhao stopover, being towed tigers, the mother Zhou chase off was the tiger bite. The incident caused Zhou died, Zhao injured. After the incident, Yanqing district investigation team set up to investigate the matter. Yesterday, Yanqing district report the results of the survey, that tourists did not comply with the provisions, the warning has not been ignored, to get off, do not belong to production safety accidents. The report identifies the injured and the deceased Zhao Zhou illegal off investigation team believes that Zhao did not comply with the Badaling wild animal world beast area non off the provisions of park management and other tourists ignored the warning, to get off, causing it to be injured in the attack the tiger. A week to see her daughter by the tiger dragged away, save female eager, did not comply with the Badaling wild animal world beast area non off provisions, rescue measures are improper, result in the death of tiger attacks. In addition, the Badaling wild animal world before the incident of oral notification issued "six forbidden" inform, Zhao signed a "self driving tour the park car damage responsibility agreement", the beast area tour set up along the warning signs and the obvious signs, the work carried out orderly, timely on-site disposal and rescue. Combined with the analysis of the reasons, the investigation team found that "7· 23" the Northeast Tiger caused by tourists casualties are not responsible for production safety accidents. The investigation team recommended protective measures to improve Park Yanqing district investigation group also said in the report, the survey found that the daily management of Badaling wild animal world in staff training evaluation system is not fully implemented, there is no training assessment, part of the problem of the lack of data of emergency drills. The investigation team suggested that the Badaling wildlife world needs to further increase the safety awareness of tourists, visitors to improve safety awareness and crisis awareness, so that visitors at any time in the course of vigilance. At the same time, the investigation team recommended Badaling wild animal world to establish and improve the safety management ledger, truthfully record the education and training of employees, improve the emergency drill archives, industry departments and local government supervision and rectification. The third party should be entrusted with the appropriate qualifications, various aspects of Badaling wild animal world in the safety of equipment and facilities, daily management, safety system, emergency rescue plan, hidden investigation and report issued by the third party organization, the relevant departments involved in the inspection, supervision and rectification. In addition, the investigation team also suggested that the world of wild animals in Badaling with reference to the construction of other domestic wildlife zoo advanced safety practices, equipped with advanced equipment to further improve safety measures. In the following the incident disclosure: three tiger siege Zhou report shows that the first tiger sneaked behind Zhao, on its back, and drag on the platform in a short distance, the platform is another tiger bite Zhao face right. Zhao mother Zhou and Liu to the platform slope. A week on to the platform, with the right hand on the platform by the tiger, one tiger bite back to the right. This.相关的主题文章: