.bat Safety In Post-apocalyptic America-mp7a1

Humor Melee .bat can be fun as all get out, but one ill-placed blow could send a spray of zombie blood and spittle into your eyes, nose, or mouth. And that spells contamination. And contamination, of course, is death. Because fights with the undead will be unavoidable, most survivors will have two choices when it .es to battle: cover up or stick to ranged weapons. Basic personal protective equipment (PPE) will drastically reduce your chances of an incidental infection, though it wont abrogate it entirely. A surgical mask and safety goggles should be standard .bat attire for anybody planning to get up close and personal with the undead. These simple items will add barrier protection to your eyes, nose, and mouth, without encumbering your speech or vision. Because a melee-oriented fighting style will have your hands dangerously close to zombie mouths, gloves should be worn to afford bite protection to fingers and hands. Simple leather work gloves should do the trick. And if you decide to upgrade, there are a mindboggling number of alternatives available such as: biomech hand armor gloves, Kevlar cut resistant gloves, armored motorcycle gloves, and paintball gloves, to name a few. These run the gamut from a few bucks to a few hundred, with top-of-the-line items showcasing an impressive (and fearsome) blend of protection and aesthetics. If you want to kick zombie butt and make a fashion statement while doing it, look no further than the Knox Handroid. Of course, there are other, surer ways of dispatching the undead and surviving the zombie apocalypse. Ranged .bat can be relied upon to thin enemy ranks before closing in thereby conserving valuable ammunition. .pound bows and crossbows are ideal for small parties or people travelling solo, as they facilitate silent takedowns without giving away your position to the entire horde. Ammunition is a constant problem with bow weapons, however, and you will need to be.e accustomed to retrieving spent arrows and bolts from slain zombies. The benefit of traditional firearms is that you can easily carry hundreds of rounds of ammunition, though every shot risks drawing unwanted attention possibly for miles away. An ideal .bination of weaponry that should see you through most hypothetical situations is a short-barrel shotgun and either a pistol or rifle. Or, if you want to pack serious power, all three. Perhaps most important of all: dont f.et to make some friends. The more party members you have, the greater your options in terms of outfitting certain people for particular tasks vanguards, snipers, bowmen, etc. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: