Battle it! Wow salute to the Olympic athletes, entertainment channel,

Battle it! WOW "salute to the Olympic athletes, entertainment channel," combat! WOW "to pay tribute to the Rio Olympics Olympic athletes recently ended, but the Olympic athletes circle powder but not so many people can stop the following steps. Yesterday, PPTV cohesion fight it! WOW "game players to pay tribute to the heart of the WOW, micro-blog launched one # topic # that most WOW," vermilion brother "first Olympic athlete Zhang Jike to express my admiration, immediately attracted users have to follow the tribute to the Olympic athletes. Last week the program, "vermilion brother" Li Ye because of the iconic "flaming lips" and elegant style, rigid and soft personality caused netizens attention. But most users surprise, it shows "red lips brother" is a "pepper" like "cool" and "small Tibetan mastiff" boy, Zhang Jike "Pi handsome" full, but did not expect to unload the makeup, but second "red lips brother" Malone, Meng Meng Da "Book angry too childish. At the same time, he was on the show, in the face of huge two times than their opponents, but did not give up, but the difficulties, try their best to keep on fighting and break the opponent’s block, for the glory of the Horde, but also to the indomitable spirit of Warcraft, sprint to the front of the end point together. This is "women’s volleyball team and the fear of enemies, tenacious struggle, never give up" the spirit of "red lips brother" agree without prior without previous consultation, looked at the thin body is such a burst of great power, in all the people do not optimistic about the situation the embodiment of game dark horse, in one fell swoop won the final victory, the moved users have their praise and support, "vermilion brother" is the "Zhang Jike world of warcraft". In the "red brother" under the leadership of micro-blog, # that most people WOW topic # immediately caused the whole network users enthusiastic participation, with his blessing and his hands than the highest praise W, and others to their beloved Olympic hero Chinese Fu Yuanhui, Zhang Jike, Lin Dan, women’s volleyball team, said the most sincere tribute to my heart. It is reported that the fight it! WOW is the cohesion of the media (PPTV) exclusive homemade first national Warcraft show. The program will lead the world of Warcraft game player through wall dimension, for the first time in the line against the reality version of the World of Warcraft break, fought, challenge the limits of physical and psychological. Battle it! WOW on Friday at ten am on the cohesion platform on-line broadcast. (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: