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Jewelry-Diamonds Below are some of the recent styles in bridal jewelry for those want to look stunning with unique jewellery for weddings. * White gold and platinum. White gold remains the most popular type of gold for the engagement rings, particularly for younger brides. Although more expensive than yellow or white gold, platinum rings’ popularity is also on the rise. * Diamond cuts. A diamond engagement ring still remains the most popular choice for stones. The Brilliant and Princess cut rings are the most popular among the varied cuts. Narrow wedding bands with set in diamonds are quite popular though the bridal wedding bands can take many designs and styles. * Alternate stones. A growing trend is opting for alternate stones. Like, instead of diamonds, choosing a birthstone or pearl. These would definitely make for unique wedding rings. * Diamonds for men. Simple is out and sparkle is in for men. Diamonds are chosen by many men in their own wedding rings. Unlike the large stones of a bride’s engagement ring, these will often be small inlaid diamonds around the band. * A mix of metals. A .bination of metals is another trend for men’s wedding rings. For instance, a two toned ring of white and yellow gold, brushed for a muted look. Titanium is another popular wedding band option for men. The usual color of titanium rings is black. Remember that titanium cannot be resized. * The not so expensive choice. Forever trends are diamonds and pearls. For those who want nice jewelry without spending too much of money, freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystal are a good affordable option. Jewelry contrasting with the color of the dress like blue pearls with chocolate brown dress is a popular trend for bridesmaids. You will require other jewelry for your wedding jewellery apart from wedding rings for example, wedding bracelets, wedding necklace, wedding earrings etc. A gradually standard part for the wedding day which is often built into the wedding budget is a good quality accessory. Some people these days also settle for hand made wedding jewellery. Following are some popular wedding jewelry trends this season: Earrings. This is the number one bridal accessory. Cultured freshwater pearl or diamond studded tiaras. A practical daily piece can be made by asking the jeweler to put the stones of the tiara into ring or pendant. Necklaces. Even now, traditional pendants like single diamonds, crosses, or pearls are popular. A growing trend for bridesmaids is butterfly and heart necklaces. Your taste will mostly determine the stones you pick for your costume wedding jewellery. The general rule is to incorporate the sparkle and discard the out simple. Think that it is definitely your time to shine as it is your wedding day. Make sure you have your wedding dress picked out before you start shopping for wedding accessories. This is to make certain because that your dress and its style are .plemented by your jewelry. Since your wedding jewellery plays a huge role in accessorizing your outfit, you should make your day extra special by going for some specially designed unique wedding jewellery. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: