Before the Bayi women’s basketball team Chongqing athletes retired broke the news who knows the pain acbel

Before the Bayi women’s basketball team Chongqing athletes retired broke the news: the pain of transition who knows Chongqing woman athletes difficult transition broke the news: yesterday morning, the reporter went to the Chongqing Normal University campus, the basketball court, wearing a baseball cap tall girl very conspicuous, she is the former Bayi women’s basketball team striker Hou Qiulu. The 25 year old Chongqing girl, height 1 meter 84, approached, the reporter immediately felt a compression of the gas field. "I have been retired from the Bayi team for two years." Qiu Lu told reporters, now, while she was studying at the Chongqing University Institute of physical education master, while teaching basketball teachers in Chongqing Normal University. In addition, she has an identity – the boss of the basketball training school. "When the training school was founded, there have been media to interview me, the title is" women’s basketball athlete’s gorgeous. "." Hou Qiulu shook his head frequently, "I quickly refused, because this process is not gorgeous!" Qiu Lu told reporters, although she is stable, also successfully admitted to graduate, in the eyes of many people, with her former national athletes the identity of easy access to work and degree, but in fact is not, in the process of transformation of the retired, she met even more than ordinary people’s frustrations and difficulties. After the junior high school graduates, I was chosen by the team to enter the national training camp." 15 years old, autumn dew set foot on the train to Beijing, since then, she almost missed the book. "Every day, the amount of exercise is very large, to get up at six in the morning, has been training to the afternoon of six, only half a day every Sunday afternoon rest time." The women’s basketball team was inducted into the domestic top Bayi team after the autumn dew face more pressure. Whenever there is a period of time the state is not good, the team would have been "home" warning. "During that time, I was ill, the coach let me go home for a month." Autumn dew sad cry. Rest during that time, she did not dare to slack training, fear of dragging the legs in the team. Autumn dew frankly, in such a high-intensity training, there is no free time to read. I graduated from junior high school to go to the basketball team, a lot of athletes and I have only a primary school education, even after retirement to go to work for ordinary companies, even the basic word and PPT are not operating." Qiu Lu said that after retirement, despite eight years of study, but she still insisted on the efforts, finally admitted to the Department of physical education graduate. "When I learned that I had been admitted to graduate school, my mother jumped with excitement."相关的主题文章: