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UnCategorized An Opera is a theatrical performance .bining acting and singing and is usually performed in an Opera House. The musical score is actually the life of an Opera, in a manner of speaking. But When Did Opera Start? Operatic performances actually began in Italy before the turn of the sixteenth century. The very first Opera was by Jacopo Peri called Dafne and was actually performed and produced in Florence. From its beginnings in Italy; it soon spread out throughout Europe particularly in Germany, France and England. While England incorporated its own traditions within their Opera performances during this time, it was still the Italian Opera that was predominant in the scene in Europe. OPERA THROUGH THE CENTURIES The answer behind the question When Did Opera Start actually depends on which country we are talking about although as mentioned, generally speaking, Opera did first start in Italy. On the other hand, if we are talking about When Did Opera Start in France, it was around the seventeenth century; with Jean-Baptiste Lully’s .position, soon after Italy first performed Dafne. Around the same time, Opera has also invaded the arts in Germany with Heinrich Schutz at the helm; and with Henry Purcell in England. But perhaps the turning point as to the history of When Did Opera Start, came when one of the world’s most renowned .posers wrote what are perhaps among the most popular Operas from the eighteenth century up to the present. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, an Austrian .poser, played a significant role in the history of Opera with his Italian .positions of The Marriage of Figaro, Don Giovanni; and the Magic Flute. As for the answer to When Did Opera Start in the mold of the Grand Opera; it was some time during the nineteenth century; with the works of Gia.o Meyerbeer. It was also during the nineteenth century that the works of Richard Wagner in Germany and Giuseppe Verdi in Italy contributed to what was to be called the Golden Age of Opera. By the twentieth century, much experimentation saw changes in the Opera. As for When Did Opera Start in Russia and Bohemia; it was during the Golden Age of the Opera, in the twentieth century. Other popular operas that have withstood the test of time include Rigoletto, La Traviata, and Aida by Verdi; and La Boheme, Tosca and Madame Butterfly by Puccini. OPERA SINGERS Opera saw the rise of some great Opera Singers of all time. These include Renee Fleming from the United States; Spanish tenor Placido Domingo, Dmitri Hvorostovsky from Russia; Russian-Austrian Anna Netrebko; and Mezzo-Sporano from Sweden, Anne Sofie von Otter. There are still many other opera greats, .posers and singers alike that have contributed greatly and are still contributing to the opera that we know and love today. Opera is still one of the most-loved performances all around the globe and it continues to provide a different kind of entertainment to its audiences. We can find out more about the beginnings of Opera, its singers, performers and .posers; via the inter.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: