Behind the myelomeningocele patients with small tail disappeared is cured

Behind the myelomeningocele patients with small tail disappeared is cured? – Sohu health

people like to use a small angel to describe infants and young children, angel image is often accompanied by a pair of beautiful wings, however, some babies are born very special, they have a long tail". But this phenomenon is not beautiful, and most of the time is the spinal cord or vertebral canal developed a problem, suffering from a spinal meningocele, spina bifida and other diseases.

from the embryo to the birth of the child, until adulthood, the spinal cord and spinal canal on the growth and development of individuals play a very big role. Meningocele due to congenital abnormalities, can cause deformity of the lower limbs, incontinence, head loss and other serious consequences and increase intelligence.

small tail disappears, on behalf of meningocele cured?

surgery is a better choice, after the surgery, to see the child at the back without the "tail", "mass" is not that good, it is more important to assess children’s nerve dysfunction how to recover it. It is necessary to do a series of assessment and examination, such as checking whether the child’s lower limb shape is normal, observe the child’s walking, but also to do the examination of the urinary system, assess the child’s voiding function, etc.. Of course, imaging is essential.

postoperative functional exercise and referral is very important!

generally speaking, three months after the surgery, the child will be able to stabilize the situation, no longer in the direction of the deterioration of the disease. However, only through surgery, the child has been difficult to complete the formation of neurological dysfunction. A small number of children themselves relatively mild symptoms, the degree of nerve injury is not heavy, after surgery will improve, but very little recovery. The children also need postoperative functional exercise, and adhere to the review visit.

for postoperative rehabilitation training and bladder function training, you need to go to a specialized rehabilitation hospital or rehabilitation hospital. Through a period of rehabilitation training, the child’s defecation function and lower limb motor function will improve, but it is not possible to completely return to normal. It is not recommended for children to do strenuous exercise, or to the high flexibility of the movement, such as jumping, dancing, etc..

Zhao Hongyu

is the director of China Medical University affiliated Shenyang Shengjing Hospital spinal disease treatment center: meningocele belongs to lifelong disease, can be cured by surgery, although as children can like normal children as learning, playing, but the child has been in the physical development stage, spinal cord, spinal canal morphology, position are gradually changing, the disease is likely to be in a life long development stage of relapse. Therefore, the operation is not once and for all, it is impossible. Review the long-term postoperative visit, is conducive to the monitoring of disease recurrence.