Beijing city under the strict regulation of the property market holiday residential volume cut dataload

Beijing city under the strict regulation of the property market holiday residential volume cut   real estate — October 8 Beijing Xinhua (Lu Zhikun) this year, a city holiday introduction of market regulation policy, the eyes of the outside world to tighten policy under these city real estate transaction will appear what kind of change. People’s Daily reporter statistics part of the city in recent years, eleven golden week during the residential transaction data, in order to allow readers to better observe the subtle changes in the property market after the introduction of policies. The following is the 5 city golden week residential transactions data: 1 Beijing turnover last year was only half of the same period in Beijing the day before the holiday market regulation promulgated the new deal, started a series of city property policy launched. Beijing is also considered the introduction of the most stringent regulatory policies of the city. According to the new deal, Beijing for the purchase of the first set of ordinary housing down payment of not less than 35%, the purchase of the first set of non ordinary housing down payment of not less than 40% (except for owner occupied housing, limited to two rooms such as housing policy). To have 1 sets of housing residents to buy home, once again to improve the living conditions for commercial housing loans to individuals of ordinary housing, regardless of whether the loans, the first payment of not less than 50%; the purchase of non ordinary housing, the first payment of not less than 70%. The impact of a new deal, Beijing commercial housing transaction data over the same period last year fell, 16072 golden week is only about half of last year. reporter calculated according to wind information data shows that, Beijing golden week this year, commercial housing contract units for 216 units, far below the 442 set last year. Wind data from the Beijing municipal construction committee. Compared with the same period in the past two years, the volume of Beijing this year, regardless of the volume of residential turnover from the total turnover or daily turnover is quite bleak. After the introduction of more liberal measures in September 30, 2014, when the National Day holiday turnover reached 538 sets. In addition to the 61 set on October 1st Commercial Housing turnover of more than 101 sets and second days, Beijing this year’s National Day holiday rest day turnover of no more than 13 sets of 16072, even 2 days only single digit. Beijing in the last 3 years of the National Day holiday commercial housing turnover: 2014, the set of units; in 2015, the set of 442; in 2016, the set of 216 sets of sales in the year of. 2 after the introduction of the policy of Wuhan, only the introduction of the volume of the former into the Wuhan in October 3rd, the introduction of the property market regulation and control policies, including the purchase of the loan limit and the content of the two part of the 3. The policy requirements, to have two or more housing units and Wuhan residents family, will suspend the issuance of individual housing loans; has 2 or more housing units in Wuhan and non Wuhan residents family, will be prohibited the purchase of housing within the region. In addition, residents of the city residence families apply for the purchase of the first set of housing, commercial housing loans to individuals, the minimum down payment ratio of 25%, the purchase of second suites Shoufu 50%, buy third or more housing to suspend payment of commercial housing loans to individuals. Non resident households in the city to buy the first suite of the minimum down payment of 25%, to buy a set of second相关的主题文章: