Beijing haze tower test results there is a very limited range of purification effect – Sohu news-mkdv-02

Beijing haze tower test results: cleaning effect but is limited in the scope of the Sohu news legal network Beijing on November 20th news agency directly under the Ministry of environmental protection, Chinese environmental journalists released test results of haze tower tower on the stage today: the haze in the air around the PM2.5 net of certain effect but the effect is not stable and the scope is very limited. China environment association secretary general Liu Guozheng said that from the outset they have stressed the role is not haze tower is expected it to control and eliminate haze, but took a fancy to its education and warning function. He said the haze purification tower will be renamed haze warning tower, a series of environmental publicity and education activities will continue. The famous designers from Holland Dan Ross Gardner? Design haze tower in Beijing after the exhibition has sparked controversy, the focus of controversy is the question its rule haze effect. In this regard, China environmental journalists said that their main role is that the haze from the beginning of the tower is to arouse the public awareness of environmental protection of the atmosphere, and no publicity and emphasizing the governance haze effect. Therefore, the question is actually a misunderstanding of the role of fog tower. As for the haze tower in the end there is no haze effect? Professional institutions Chinese Environmental Journalists specially please have two test qualification of its testing stage. Chinese Environmental Journalists disclosed results today. China environmental journalists said that the haze in the air around the Tata PM2.5 have certain purging effect but the effect is not stable and the scope is very limited. Holland side R & D team also said it will remain committed to the pursuit of governance haze. Chinese Environmental Journalists Association stressed that for any organizations and individuals to improve the quality of China’s environment science experiment and exploration, will be as in the past to give support and encouragement, to provide all the convenience Test Research on domestic and all dedicated to the study of haze governance experts and scholars on the tower today! China environmental journalists also through its official micro-blog and WeChat announced the initial results of the haze tower, Chinese Environmental Journalists pointed out that in order to educate the public to correctly deal with the haze, guide the public effective and orderly participation in the haze of governance to achieve national governance haze governance, China Environmental Journalists according to their own duties, and intends to organize planning the haze tower as the carrier, "haze prevention" as the theme of the series of environmental publicity and education activities. China environmental journalists said the haze tower "air purification effect is observed in the area of 1600 square meters around the tower". "Although the main problem is not to consider the effect of haze haze we introduce the tower, but as a precaution, we decided to start from the haze tower after only on its effect after rigorous testing can be officially unveiled to the public. This is a period of time after the Beijing haze tower, has received the debugging and testing of 751D-park in Wangjing 798 Art district." Chinese environmental journalists said, air pollution control, including the haze of governance is a long-term and arduous task, want to rely on what is Arabian Nights artifact like to solve the haze problem China. China Environmental Journalists think, at present, our country is in the second phase of air pollution control, in this period, the air quality will be affected by many natural boundary.相关的主题文章: