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Beijing property market before August: since the housing sought after luxury turnover following the weak fear (Tencent real estate Liu Ying from Beijing) the morning of August 17th, a piece of homestead, the Department of Fujian enterprises rosan won the Shanghai Jingan District Zhongxing Road 11 billion 10 million of the total price, the floor price of 100315 yuan square meters, the premium rate of 139%, experts estimated that the project price of more than 150 thousand square meters can be guaranteed. First tier cities land straight up, the property market luxury, so expensive house is really someone to buy? Since the housing turnover popular way up the Beijing Municipal Construction Committee data show that in July 2016, Beijing owner occupied housing a total turnover of 1982 sets, volume is 7 times in June, sold a total area of 173 thousand and 500 square meters, an increase of 567%; the total turnover amounted to 3 billion 392 million yuan, an increase of 774%. It is worth mentioning that only the first half of August (8.1-8.15), Beijing city’s self occupied housing turnover is up to 3042 sets of 16072 total transactions over the whole month of July, an increase of 101%. Transaction price range more concentrated in 18237 yuan to 20261 square meters square meters. In 2016 1-8 month since the housing turnover trend is still just need housing, Beijing property market turnover of the main Beijing Municipal Construction Committee statistics, 1-8 month, new pure commodity housing in Beijing total turnover of 75773 units, an increase of 33.4% square meters, the average transaction price of 30768 yuan. From the supply point of view, in 2016 before the year of August (-2016) in Beijing, a total of 53360 new commercial housing supply in, the whole, the Beijing property market is still in short supply. Beijing, 2016 1-8 month supply of newly built commercial housing turnover report overall, the Beijing property market turnover in the first half of 2015 is still relatively large fluctuation, but the general upward trend, and in April and June respectively were 14418 sets and 14698 sets, and reached the peak. Transaction price is also 22408 yuan per square meter to between $27165 square meters, just need to be able to accept the general acceptance of the residential average. Beijing, 2016 1-8 month average transaction price of new commodity housing market weakness is following the trend of their luxury mansion market, Tencent real estate statistics, 2016 1-8 months, Beijing price of more than 70 thousand houses a total turnover of 2130 sets, the total turnover of 35 billion 868 million yuan, but from the transaction situation, still concentrated in a few projects, more than 10 sets of 16072 the top luxury project is still concentrated in the Beijing No. 1 hospital (real estate information), Wanliu college, Embassy Chateau (real estate information), Changan Taihe, oceanwide (real estate information) (International Residential Area), Xiyuan Taiwan (real estate information) and other projects, the Beijing No.1 Hospital of 27 sets of transactions Wanliu college, 38 sets of transactions, the embassy a hospital on the 76 sets of transactions, oceanwide 139 sets of transactions, the original Longhu West Chen (real estate information) 118 sets of transactions, turnover of 83 sets of Taiwan xiyuan. The month of 2016 1-8 Beijing 100 thousand + luxury deal worth mentioning is that although the luxury turnover is very high, but the supply is also a rather high. Report show.相关的主题文章: