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Beijing Tiantongyuan heating slow wear residents original title at home: the residents of the home heating slow to wear cotton temperature at zero degrees Celsius, heating or cold, bad added hundreds of thousands of households. The old man would rather the day in the sun is not at home; helpless parents with children staying with relatives; tenants by an open air conditioning, electricity almost "can not afford to pay". Heating company responded that this year is the first year of coal to gas heating, equipment and pipelines are required to transform, resulting in heating time delays, the workers are stepping up the adjustment in the night. Yesterday evening, the boiler room Tiantongyuan West and north of the river is gradually heating ignition, began to have a warming gas, but small Shaanxi residents still wait again. The city heating in advance Tiantongyuan drag the annual winter heating is one of the many residents are most concerned about. By November 13th there will be a strong cold air process, the average temperature of the outdoor 5 consecutive days below 5 degrees the possibility is larger, so the city residents began heating heating formally ahead of time to November 13th 0, the heating units in November 5th has started the ignition trial operation. From the beginning of November 5th, Beijing has been home to many residents with warm air, but there is no heating of the cell into different". A large population living small area, has not seen a hot child, according to a number of small lives each district residents to the Beijing morning news reporters reflect, until yesterday, the indoor temperature is only twelve degrees Celsius, "cloudy and cold, could not carry the". Residents said, in previous years, almost 10 days of heating heating, this year the temperature is still low, but not warm." The old man home wear sun Liu lived together small Dong Yi Qu at home, although most of the time the open air, but the primary school daughter or catch a cold, "last week the children didn’t go to school for 3 days, the house is too cold, I really no way, with children in her grandmother live a few days". Yesterday, Ms. Liu is wearing a thick jacket at home watching tv. Small Cong and classmates Tiantongyuan rental in the East region, these days they are rather more in the company and later class, "air conditioning heating room, basically one hour to once more electricity, the electricity costs a lot, might as well go home late". Office workers during the day to enjoy the company of warm air, but at home, the elderly can be affected by a crime. Reporters came to the small old building area, garden Rest Area, several old people chat while playing cards, although the outdoor temperature is not low, but Grandma Wang said, would rather sit outside and old friends to go home, "my family lives in two buildings, lighting is not good, the temperature is lower than outside the home. Outside, the sun was warm than the house". Next to another old man said at home did not dare to use the coat off, first Wu Wu Quilt Blanket before going to bed, "said the son these days to buy an electric heater, but I think the heating should be able to come right now, not willing to spend money to call him". The weather forecast shows that from next Monday the minimum temperature at zero degrees celsius. Liu told reporters expressed her concern, the night can not always open the air conditioner 2相关的主题文章: