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Beijing commercial housing market analysis to discuss the control limits in the sale of stock trading and the possibility of small Beijing 26 August, reporter was informed that the relevant departments of Beijing City, called on strictly curb re live project workshop. About how to re live Beijing project, some anonymous sources told reporters, Beijing city to the existing commercial projects are divided into several categories: get started but not started; but not in advance; has started but not completed; sales. Restrictions on the policy, the first three commercial projects closed all the procedures, the project has not started to suspend the construction permit issued, re planning, the project has started a shutdown, re examination of construction drawing design, planning, construction scheme, to ensure that no business change lives". But for the fourth types of commercial and residential projects sold, no conclusion. In addition, commercial and residential restrictions on land and planning also made more stringent restrictions. Temporary suspension of commercial and residential land supply, commercial projects for the land has not yet been provided, will be in the follow-up for the specification, to join the latter responsibility. Has been in the construction phase of commercial and residential projects, but also to strengthen the planning and acceptance of acceptance and completion of the management, to stop the business changed to live, while requiring the housing registration department to strengthen the business to change when the inspection. Seminar content for the relevant departments of Beijing city currently circulating to re live projects limited, home chain research institute analyst Xu Xiaole think that from the current policy, policy tend to limit new commercial housing supply, for in the sale of commercial housing has no fixed on, "but how policy decisions in the sale of new commercial housing and the stock of commercial housing, commercial housing market is particularly important for the situation." Xu Xiaole believes that a possible government will allow the sale of commercial housing has been circulating in the market, resulting in the future because of commercial housing supply reduction, and is not limited to purchase, there may be local residents panic buying phenomenon, Beijing commercial housing transactions in the short term there will be a small climax, then decreased with clearing inventory. Another possibility is that the government does not allow commercial housing stock in the market circulation, then because of the defects of commercial housing itself (short duration, high property utilities), commercial housing demand there will be a downward cliff. Xu Xiaole judgment, government restrictions on the sale of new commercial housing and restrictions on the possibility of the stock of commercial housing circulation is not large, the policy should be more inclined to maintain the existing commercial housing transactions, the increase in the intensity of control. First, due to poor commercial real estate in recent years, limiting the sale of housing in the sale of commercial real estate is not conducive to inventory." Xu Xiaole analysis said, two is for the stock of housing, as most of the buyers are still in a state of mortgage, if the restrictions on the sale of commercial housing stock will affect the interests of buyers." The reason why the relevant departments of Beijing to discuss restrictions on commercial housing, Xu Xiaole believes that this is because the business changed because of the change of land use planning, has been strictly prohibited government projects. In May 2010, the Beijing Municipal Construction Committee, development and Reform Commission, the planning committee, the Land Bureau jointly issued "on the strengthening of the hotel project sales management related issues notice", which explicitly signed the land transfer contract of the hotel project in May 31, 2010, will be prohibited from hierarchical sub unit, pin.相关的主题文章: