Beijing – VIDEO – Alex Fong film a dream ring drill cemetery to create the most burning brain horror shishangqiyi

Beijing – VIDEO – Alex Fong film "a dream ring" drill cemetery to create the most burning brain Suspense Thriller Horror Film [comment] film "a dream ring" in September 20th held a "warning calls" press conference in Chengdu, director Deng Andong and producer Nie Yuchen, producer, actor Alex Fong, Zhang Yang and Lee Stanes attended the publicity for the film to help out. The conference site for the first time exposure of the ultimate trailer, all creative and talk about the movie audience behind the scenes. It is reported that this movie is hundred-percent "made in Sichuan", not only is produced from the Sichuan film company, starring one of Dany Lee is a native of Chengdu, the film also has many scenes filmed in Chengdu, especially the actor Alex Fong, the most headache a graveyard scenes, shot in Sichuan Dayi mountain cemetery. [comment] due to the requirements of most real scene makes the most lifelike effect director, try not to cloth, no animation, with the group’s staff call this is life in filming, Alex Fong admits his filming too involved, was very depressed. [the same period] (actor Alex Fong) the most profound scene, of course, in the cemetery, the cemetery is really very scary, then the cemetery is not like the city to see the kind of, it is really the whole mountain. [comment] the conference site for the first time exposure of the ultimate Trailer started by calling a mysterious Alex Fong, played by actor Du Yang once received "ghost calls", his wife, lover, assistant must predicted the telephone time dead. The night of the funeral procession, ghostly abandoned factory, and the usual is no longer the usual tones, are covered with thick color of terror. The film will be officially landed in September 23rd to meet the national theater. The same period [] (actor Alex Fong) when filming the people of the state, the mood will be with yourself is not the same, may be more depressed, the mood may be bad, but more irritable, finished well, may work is different work will then appear, so we should as soon as possible to restore the look. Where Xi Chengdu reporter reports相关的主题文章: